The Weekend

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Minimalistic scandinavian bedroom via Blooc by Annaleena Leino


Terrazzo floor, pink walls and an indoor tree? Well, that's a cool juicery indeed :O

This sculptural easy to wear white dress is on my wishlist.

Dream destination: Sicily (and this villa).

Gorgeous minimalistic arm sconce.

Well, that's what design is all about. To be able to fit a whole life in 22 sqm.

Thinking of buying a backpack lately. What do you think of this one? I adore its nude pink hue.

Craving for this mouthwatering pizza.

Sofas are getting bulkier and closer to the ground. Maximum lounging bliss guaranteed.

The Valentino Rome Flagship Store is out of this world.

This candleholder OMG, it's a piece of art.


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Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image by Annaleena Leino via Blooc from here
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