Jaw-dropping outdoor bathroom

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Exotic outdoor shower in Fella Villas

Now, who'd like to take a shower among palm trees and tropical plants? Count me in for sure. And, while outdoor showers are a thing we've seen before, a whole outdoor bathroom is not a common concept (not at least in these past two centuries that is :D). Australian swimwear brand Fella has created these exotic inspired villas in Indonesia for rent which, among other beauties, feature this bathroom. Cool or what?

Exotic outdoor bathroom in Fella Villas
 Exotic outdoor bathroom in Fella Villas

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3 comments on "Jaw-dropping outdoor bathroom"
  1. Saw this on Instagram and staying there would be such a treat! I'd like to live like that here in California :) I'll check out the villa on AirBNB, thanks.

    1. Ah, wouldn't it be? Good thing this place is for rent ;)

  2. ενα απο τα ονιερα μου... ντουσιερα σε εξωτερικο χώρο!