Awesome handmade copper faucets

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Handmade copper pipe faucets. Tenoverten Nail Salon by Studio DB
Studio DB
Grecian island inspired bathroom with handmade copper pipe faucet. Sterna Nisyros Residences by Giorgos Tsironis. Photo by Panos Kokinias
Sterna Nisyros Residences
Is it just my idea or diy copper faucets made from piping are actually pretty rad? The first image is from a nail salon (yes, a totally cool nail salon) in NYC and the second one from a typical grecian island villa bathroom. Both cases, although seemingly completely opposite, sport the handmade fixtures in such an awesome way that makes me have second thoughts on whether to buy or diy a faucet in my next bathroom project. What do you think?

P.s. Here's a great tutorial on building your own faucet and here is a great source of vintage valves and handles you can use. More inspiration on pipe fixtures here and here.

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