Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ode to simplicity

Ode to simplicity | My Paradissi

Less is more or, how I like to say, casual minimalism rocks. The effortless interiors, stripped off the unnecessary, neutral soft hues to create a calm sanctuary and a design that supports the everyday lifestyle rather than a stiff staged space hard to touch and to follow. Something like the photos that follow. Hope you find them exceptional as well :)

Grey kitchen countertop | Stil Inspiration
Stil Inspiration
Grey and white linen bedding | Jonas Berg
Jonas Berg via here
Floor mirror | Medina Lind
Medina Lind
Olive tree | Daniella Witte
Daniella Witte
Casual scandinavian living room | Bo Bedre
Bo Bedre via here
Simple scandinavian dining room | ESNY
ESNY via here
Recessed bathtub | Bo Bedre
Bo Bedre
White wooden roof | Elle Deco
Elle Deco
Wooden grid shelving | Tom, Dick & Harry by Christopher Elliot
Christopher Elliot via here

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