Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The not so kitchen kitchen

Contemporary eclectic kitchen | Katty Shiebeck
Katty Shiebeck via here
These are not kitchens. These are pure pieces of art. The kind that leaves you speechless while entering the space and takes you to an indulging dreamland of perfect lifestyle (the one that has no dirty dishes, trash and grocery supplies) and utter elegance. Nonetheless, I would love to have any of these eclectic kitchens in my dream Parisian apartment (for I'll probably eat mostly out I guess -_-). How about you?

Contemporary eclectic kitchen | Ditte Isager
Ditte Isager
Contemporary eclectic kitchen | Line Klein
Line Klein via here
Contemporary eclectic kitchen | RMGB
RMGB via here
Contemporary eclectic kitchen | Talcik | Demonicova
Talcik | Demonicova from this post
Contemporary eclectic kitchen | DuPont Corian
DuPont Corian via here

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  1. These kitchens are perfectly ideal! Although I embrace the mess and functionality of a kitchen, it's interesting to see them pared down to their most basic forms.

  2. Υπάρχουν τετοια σπιτια?!


  3. Mm, that copper in the last one... I love it. Although I just know it would be impossible to keep it that clean and shiny.

  4. These do look a lot more like areas for entertaining bit a bit too industrial and cold for my liking!


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