Thursday, February 25, 2016

ETSY MIX of the week

ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | There is a pretty collection of geometric handpainted wooden coasters at Hasards. Love how simple and cool they look (Hasards, $5.66)
2 | My hands are so sensitive and crack so easily I'm literally addicted to hand creams. This one I haven't tried yet but looking forward to (GreenLaboratorium, $21.76)
3 | Ah, that sleep all day kinda mood. So miss that. The read all night ain't bad either (alphonnsine, $26)
4 | A linen duvet cover is a wonderful way to bring a fresh spring air to the bedroom (BeaLinen, $84.90+)
5 | Love the delicate melancholic vibe of this watercolor painting (maxiquy, $100)
6 | Sleek minimalistic nude leather tote I'd love to add to my collection (TheArtistsSack, $276)

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  1. The T-Shirt is amazing!!! I'd love this and some of the others alphonnsine devises. Pity they are not shipped to Europe:-(
    BTW, Eleni, I really like your blog with all its categories!
    Looking forward to all of them and especially love the Sunday Bliss. Thanks and, pls keep up the good work!!



    1. Hi Atira,
      thank you so much for your sweet words ^^ I'm so happy you like and follow My Paradissi :)
      Perhaps, you can try and ask alphonnsine to make an exception for you if you find something you really like from their store!
      See you around,

    2. Thanks! I hadn't thought about that! I will do just this:-)



  2. 5 & 6 simply elegant!


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