ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, February 4, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | Ok, I admit I’d buy this soap mainly for its minimalistic design but then again, the fragrance inspired by sunny beaches/lazy days doesn’t sound bad either (MYHAPPYSOAPS, $9.15)
2 | I know this ring will mess a bit with my OCD nature but looks so pretty and delicate to miss (OebelandTharpe, $22)
3 | This natural leather basket is so cool and versatile. Perfect to hold all sorts of stuff and add up to a contemporary and scandinavian inspired home style (SKANDINAVIOUS, $46+)
4 | Really want to just hug this rad pillow. Love its origami inspired folds and minimalistic design (mikabarr, $80)
5 | Looking for an easy knitting project and don’t know where to start? This diy knitting kit is all you need, plus will land you with this cool chunky sweater (WoolandtheGangltd, $132.96)
6 | Always an admirer of gorgeous handmade pottery and this speckle bud vase is a hit (oliveandjoy, $23.25)

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