Thursday, January 7, 2016

Most gorgeous art phone cases

Most gorgeous art phone cases on Etsy | My Paradissi

Ha, I really love how now, with the extensive use of mobile phones, we have the perfect excuse to hold beautiful art pieces in our hands literally all the time. Here are my top 6 picks from favorite artists on Etsy who turned their creations into the most wonderful cases. Which one is your fave?

1 | Party case (JudyKaufmann, $26)
2 | Green peonies case (MarcellaWylie, $41.32)
3 | French bulldog case (PapioPress, $30.03+)
4 | Unicorn case (paiandpear, $24.31)
5 | Tiger case (Telegramme, $33.05)
6 | Une Femme floral (KhristianAHowell, $39.99)

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