Happy New Year weekend

Saturday, January 2, 2016
LANDHAUS / Thomas Kröger Architekt © Thomas Heimann

Happy 2016 friends! Wish you all a fulfilling, prosperous new year, with love, laughter, health, imagination, strength and stamina. Also, hope we all dream big, dream freely and fly towards the direction of our dreams without any hesitation or fear :) 

● ..use non-appearance complements instead
● ..laugh more
● ..experiment in the kitchen without fear of failing
● ..embrace the slow living and just kill some time
● ..live a more downsized and minimalist life
● ..read more books
● ..keep shopping handmade
● ..choose greatness
● ..take more (and betterphotos
● ..shine with style

● ..this brass chair
● ..this belted coat
● ..this cuff
● ..this rug
● ..these sneakers
● ..this table lamp
● ..this candleholder
● ..this top
● ..this throw
● ..this daybed

● ..these bathrooms with round mirrors
● ..these showers with a rustic charm
● ..this eclectic kids room 
● ..these minimalist black kitchens
● ..the ultimate marble trend blog post
● ..these bedrooms with dark blue details
● ..this contemporary tropical backyard
● ..these white bedrooms to make you dream
● ..these contemporary rustic interiors
● ..these backyard pools to steal your heart

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  1. Καλή χρονια με υγεία και ορεξη για νέες περιπέτειες!