DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace

Thursday, January 14, 2016
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | My Paradissi

Always love a creative contradiction. Warm and inviting fire and stark and sleek minimalist design, both married to a fireplace bliss. Don't get me wrong; I love ornate designs, textured materials and decorated mantels as much as the next person but, hey, look at these fireplaces. Aren't they totally stunning in their simplicity? Like stripping off the unnecessary stuff and keeping just the essentials; a burning fire, a glass of wine and good company. It is, however, the details that make a difference (it's always them), like the way logs are stored/stacked by/under the fireplace (baskets are always a favorite solution), the fireplace door, should there be one, the baseboard usually used for protection and the bench for extra seating or for that design wow factor (yes, I'm talking to you, marble one). I would highly consider having such a fireplace in my home. Actually, that would definitely be my pick. Check out, after the jump, 10 of my most favorite minimalist fireplace design ideas!

DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Elisabeth Heier
Elisabeth Heier
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Elle Decoration UK
Elle Decoration UK via The Style Files
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Line T. Klein via Interior magasinet
Line T. Klein via Interior magasinet
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Christine Francis via Yatzer
Christine Francis via Yatzer
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Oomen Architects
Oomen Architects
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Est Magazine
Est Magazine
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Jonas Ingerstedt
Jonas Ingerstedt
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Cm Studio via Up Interiors
Cm Studio via Up Interiors
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Shannon McGrath via Vogue Living
Shannon McGrath via Vogue Living
DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace | Vtwonen

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6 comments on "DECOR TREND: Minimalist fireplace"
  1. Love them! I have a simple fireplace too and love the change from our past traditional one. :)

  2. Great selection! Minimalism can be cosy. Like you say it is about the pure warmth of sitting by the fire. I like how the minimalistic fireplace becomes an organic part of the room. Inspiring. Warmest Greetings Valerie / from minimalist blog.

  3. Ωραια μινιμαλ τζάκια!

  4. Wow thank for sharing great collection , t's not just the heat that makes an indoor fire so enticing - the smell, the sound, the warm soft light; it is almost impossible to replicate the atmosphere conjured by a real, roaring log fire.

  5. A Minimalist Fireplace?
    Wow. These are brilliant.
    Have not seen anything like this before.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring.
    We loved it.