Monday, January 4, 2016

Cozy window seating nooks

Cozy window seating nook | Elisabeth Heier
Elisabeth Heier
Oh, it definitely seems that a seat by the window makes everything look more cushy/cozy/optimistic. Is it the view, the sneaking sun or the hoards of pillows and throws that make the scene utterly inviting? Like, there is any of you who hasn't longed for a few hours well spend on a window nook, with a good book/tablet/magazine/nothing just staring out of the window? I know I'm so needing such a pause right now ;)

Cozy window seating nook | Stadshem
Jonas Berg for Stadshem via here
Cozy window seating nook | Norm Architects
Norm Architects from this post

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  1. Perfect! Happy New Year with lots of DECO moments!
    Kisses, Vanda


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