My home, my paradise no 16

Monday, November 30, 2015
My home, my paradise no 16 | My Paradissi

Understated minimalism, the one that feels effortless and easy to live in, in tones of grey, black and white, sounds like heaven for a calm sanctuary in the city. If I were to put together a dream home today, here's how it'd look.

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, November 29, 2015
Minimalist kitchen with marble splashback and chevron oak floor
Chocolate mudslide pie recipe by Hungry Girl Por Vida

..baking a mouth watering chocolate mudslide pie in this stunning minimalist kitchen.

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The Weekend

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Cozy white scandinavian bedroom | Image via Fantastic Frank

Color washed walls. Yes or no?
● Now, aren't these cat socks cutest gift idea ever?
● Do you think that it takes higher education to become an interior designer? Think again.
● The other way on looking at Black Friday sales.
● This masculine chic Brooklyn apartment.
● Want these to keep me warm.
● Wouldn't mind working in these offices.
● Simple diy tree ornaments that smell gloriously.
● I just want to hide away in this post.
● Looking forward to my new geometric calendar poster to arrive ^^

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Fantastic Frank


Friday, November 27, 2015

MOOD 48_15

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
MOOD 48_15 | My Paradissi

Today, I'm feeling like..

Living room via Fantastic Frank
..chilling out on this cozy white slipcovered sofa, watching the clouds floating in the sky

Diy plexiglas calligraphy placecards by Almost Makes Perfect
..decorating the holiday table with these rad diy plexiglas calligraphy placecards

Geo advent calendar via A Merry Mishap
..counting down till Christmas with this minimalist geo advent calendar

Chicken and dumplings soup recipe by Half Baked Harvest
 ..making a warm and comfort chicken and dumplings soup

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10 understated festive table setting ideas

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
10 understated festive table setting ideas | My Paradissi

Are you ready for the holiday season? I believe I'm still a few weeks behind and, although I am already picking the gifts, I'm not in a festive mode at all. The 25 oC and the shiny sun sure don't help nor do the long working hours at home. I really want to change things on that matter however, slow down a bit and prepare for all the fun of these following weeks. And, since I don't have the power to change the weather, I am thinking of taking things a bit more slow regarding work and projects and concentrate on family and celebrations more (god, how much do I need this ^^). That being said, I caught myself browsing through table setting ideas this morning, inspired by casual and simple decorations, where greens and natural element create an understated sophisticated note. Here are 10 of my favorite finds in the hope that they do inspire you a little as well :) Enjoy!

Quote of the day

Monday, November 23, 2015
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Quote by Stephen Hawking

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." ~ Stephen Hawking

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The Weekend

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Tartan gorgeousness and cozy chaise by the fireplace | Image by Simon Watson via Domino

● Well, now this is a doll house that meets the contemporary design trends.
Iceland is a magical land indeed.
● This very awesome pom pom stripe pillow.
● Modern art diy for your wall.
● These iphone cases are so cute and unique.
● Old meets new, rustic meets contemporary.
● This place is kind of scary but probably safe to live in.
● Would love to start my day with this company.
● Gorgeous chalkboard wrapping paper and gift tags (that is free to download and print!)
● This act of kindness should spread all around the world.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image by Simon Watson via Domino

GIFT GUIDE: Modest hostess

Thursday, November 19, 2015
GIFT GUIDE: Modest hostess | My Paradissi #handmade #gifts #etsy

1 | Cherry and cork canisters (MelanieAbrantes, $176+)
2 | Stoneware farmhouse mixing bowl (PeterSheldonCeramics, $150)
3 | Vintage pinstripe kitchen towels (FrogGoesToMarket, $21)
4 | Wooden color block utensil set (ForTheHost, $18)
5 | Brass and wood candle holder (WorleysLighting, $35)
6 | Leather cube box pouch (ANNABOONEhandmade, $27.32)
7 | Mountain bamboo natural soy candle (MIZUbrand, $22.50)
8 | Natural stone washed linen apron (LinenTales, $27)

GIFT GUIDE: Modest hostess | My Paradissi #handmade #gifts #etsy

1 | Rough natural bath towel (malacosmetics, $39.34)
2 | Large berry bowl (lookslikewhite, $55)
3 | Grid ceramic tile coasters (Tilissimo, $32)
4 | Porcelain vase (urbancartel, $28.35)
5 | Striped linen table cloth (LostinLinen, $57.63+)
6 | Coconut milk bath soak (HerbivoreBotanicals, $18)
7 | French press (YieldDesignCo, $150)
8 | Ceramic kitchen utensil holder (FreeFolding, $61)

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p.s. More gift ideas from Etsy here.

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THE ROOM: Scandi bedroom with gorgeous art

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Scandinavian bedroom with gorgeous art by Pella Hedeby

I'm head over heels for Pella's understated scandinavian bedroom. Feeling ecstatic about the black and white photography gallery wall above the bed using wooden frames of various hues, adore the mix of textures on textiles (linen bedding rock!), baskets and unrefined woods and just can't get over of how cushy and welcoming it looks in its neutral simplicity. Head over her blog to find sources of the displayed art and textiles. Swoon ^^

Scandinavian bedroom with gorgeous art by Pella Hedeby

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STYLEBOARD: Casual cozy bedroom

Monday, November 16, 2015
STYLEBOARD: Casual cozy bedroom | My Paradissi

Shop this collection: 1.3 orb pendant (LucentLightshop, $249), 2.Square carpet cushion (French Connection, £40), 3.Fringe throw (French connection, £75), 4.Flannel bed linen (Zara Home, $17.90-$149), 5.Hand printed linen pillow (TRNK, $120), 6.Kelly wingback bed (One Kings Lane, $759+), 7.Jute rug (Wayfair, $87.99+), 8.Sheepskin rug (One Kings Lane, $95+), 9.Intermission 4 art print (NatashaNewtonArt, $23.42 unframed), 10.Midnight Walk 2 art print (NatashaNewtonArt, $23.42 unframed), 11.Orb table lamp (One Kings Lane, $399), 12.Atelier side table (Serena & Lily, $995), 13.Yellowstone mirror (Plaidfox, $600), 14.Metal hooks (H&M, $14.99), 15.Dash planter (Leif, $60), 16.Ceramic box (H&M, $12.99), 17.Norden Big Sur candle (Amber Interiors, $45), 18.Burnt wood sleeper bench (French Connection, £320)

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Coqui, Coqui in Tulum, Mexico via Ann Street Studio
Easy No-Stir Mushroom Risotto recipe via Blogging Over Thyme

..easy vibes, country settings, and a no-stir mushroom rizotto for dinner.

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The Weekend

Saturday, November 14, 2015
Cozy bed setting | Styling by Emma Fisher, photo by Janne Olander via Stadshem

● Religion is a pretend; hatred is intentionally cultivated by the ill minds; there has to be no excuse for the terrorist victims, the war victims and all the refugees fleeing their countries for their unquestionable right to live.
● Modern country minimalism with industrial touches kind of love.
● What this lady can do with her voice is out of this world.
● Did you get to see The Holiday Collective? This blog is all you need for the holiday season.
● These persona dolls are so much fun.
● This art place in Japan- pure magic.
Cookie cutters in whatever shape you might ever wish for.
Really?! Sorry fashion gurus, but this one I don't get.
This is cool.
● Gorgeous leather laptop bag (I'd definitely hold with or without a laptop inside).

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Stadshem

GIFT GUIDE: The young and the younger

Friday, November 13, 2015
GIFT GUIDE: The young and the younger #kidsgiftguide #handmade #gifts #kids #toddlers #babies #etsy

1 | Panda organic cotton t-shirt (RockyRacoonApparel, $28+)
2 | Screen printed bird pillow (AIYshop, $27.50+)
3 | Space themed balance toy (WoodAndYarnToys, $25)
4 | Plush lamb friend (finkelsteins, $46)
5 | Organic cotton teepee (MyOwnLittleIndian, $193.37)
6 | 32 Ways To Dress Up A Dog activity book (weegallery, $5)
7 | Frank the Bear (PhilomenaKloss, $54)
8 | Organic baby leggings (LolaandStella, $28+)

GIFT GUIDE: The young and the younger #handmade #gifts #babies #toddlers #kids

1 | Bella the bunny heirloom doll (sleepyking, $56)
2 | Bloc City (milimbo, $19.89)
3 | Wild organic baby toy set (BabeeandMe, $42.12)
4 | Knit hat monster (TreMelarance, $36.46)
5 | Mr Bunny pillow (MinisByVane, $55.25)
6 | All Eyes cotton sweater (Swearhouse, $33.09)
7 | Glitz Metallic Print Joggers (HAHonline, $31.17)
8 | Recycled cardboard rocking sheep (DavidePaganotti, $164.64)

p.s. More gift ideas from Etsy here.

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Contemporary home with scandinavian vibes

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Contemporary home with scandinavian vibes. Design by Fiona Lynch. Styling by Marsha Golemac. Photos by Brooke Holm

I won't lie; first thing that got my attention in this awesome home is the gold kitchen cabinetry. Yes, gold. Like, pure sleek and shine gold. Can't even begin to express how gorgeous it looks with the marble splashback, the blonde wood - black wood and the overall minimalist design that brings a fresh contemporary vibe. Then, it's the scandinavian style mixed with a subtle Parisian elegance, the incredible art on the walls and the overall casual and welcoming ambience that this home, designed by Fiona Lynch, emerges. Total spot on. Love ^^

GIFT GUIDE: Mysterious mister

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
GIFT GUIDE: Mysterious mister | My Paradissi

1 | Camel open road hat (qpcollections, $163)
2 | Men's cologne (RavensCtApothecary, $38.80+)
3 | The paintings of The Mincing Mockingbird art book (MincingMockingbird, $39.99)
4 | Travel bags (linlainecoton, $50.34)
5 | Heart balloon shirt (hardtimesdesign, $26.34)
6 | Brown leather backpack (milloo, $175)
7 | Alpaca silk scarf (bristolloomsri, $95)
8 | Mini backpack keychain (FulBelSic, $9.88)

GIFT GUIDE: Mysterious mister | My Paradissi

1 | Charcoal soap bar (shopwoodlot, $10)
2 | Bike hooks (AlexaLethen, $130.58)
3 | Leather iphone wallet (khadesign, $28+)
4 | Plaid dopp kit (BoHelina, $32)
5 | Skinny tie (APRILLOOKshop, $69)
6 | The Danish mug (paperandclaystudio, $44)
7 | Post shave elixir (HerbivoreBotanicals, $22)
8 | Soft and warm woolen socks (Railis, $39+)

p.s. More gift ideas from Etsy here.

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Modern white bedrooms inspiration

Monday, November 9, 2015
Modern white bedrooms inspiration | Photos ricardo labouble for Architectural Digest Espana
Photo by Ricardo Labouble for Architectural Digest Espana via here
In a week full of Mondays and a month with no Sundays, I'm subconsciously looking for a sanctuary to rest and unwind. White bedrooms sure give me this sparkle of relaxation even just by looking at them. And, I'm currently writing these words while working on two different bedroom projects simultaneously (not white but cozy and welcoming nonetheless). Hope I blow you a fresh air through your screen with these images and inspire a few moments of calmness to you too to start a lovely new week :)

Modern white bedrooms inspiration | Photo by Anders Sch√łnnemann. Styling by Nathalie Schwer
Photo by Anders Sch√łnnemann. Styling by Nathalie Schwer via Kinfolk
Modern white bedrooms inspiration | Design by Norm Architects. Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen via Up Interiors
Design by Norm Architects. Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen via Up Interiors

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, November 8, 2015
Norwegian cabin living room. Foto by Mona Gundersen
Hot coconut buttered rum recipe by Honestly Yum

..lounging in this living room and sipping on hot coconut buttered rum while watching the crackling open fire and listening to the moody sounds of late fall.

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The Weekend

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Breakfast in bed. Image via Park & Cube.

● Awesome floral clay sculpture for your wall. 
● This apartment is pure magic.
● Not the kind of wallpaper you'd expect to see in a laundry room but a stunner nonetheless.
● Oh please, these looks too darn delicious.
● This closet organizing tip might actually work.
● It's so scary to even think about it but I really need this right now (even for a few days).
● Super chunky cowl love.
● Great alternative ways to hang pictures on the wall.
● This planter. Gorgeous.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Park & Cube.

DIY: Easy hand painted napkins

Friday, November 6, 2015
DIY: Easy hand painted napkins

Hey crafter friends, go ahead and pin the above image for future reference. I'm sure at least one of these really easy hand painted napkins tutorials will come in handy during the full of festivities and dinners long holiday season that's ahead of us :)

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