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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
MOOD 14_15

Today, I feel like..

Bright bedroom image by Morten Holtum
..waking up in a sun filled bedroom surrounded by nature

Long knitted jersey jacket by ATUKO on Etsy
..wrapping up in a soft airy jacket to protect from the chilly spring days

Hanging easter egg planted diy by Fall For Diy
..celebrating Easter with this fun egg planter diy

Spinach pesto recipe by Diethood
..trying this tasty looking spinach pesto

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A renovated stone house in Provence

Monday, March 30, 2015
A renovated stone house in Provence | My Paradissi

Just found the perfect home to spend the first warm spring days!

It is located in Provence and has the most gorgeous outdoors I've seen in a while. Protected behind tall stone walls, a patio with large trees, levels and a small pool creates what seems to be a modern country haven on earth. Scroll down to see how the turquoise pool waters match the light beige stone hue, and how warm and sunny the whole scene actually feels. 

The indoors are not bad either. Actually, they are super cool too. Bare stone walls, built in cabinetry, a mix and match of unrefined rustic furniture and contemporary pieces, all in a muted minimalistic canvas of beiges and whites. I especially love the black and white bathroom (some gorgeous tiles in the shower) and the arched doors.

Follow me, after the jump, for a dreamy dreamy house tour!

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Modern country kitchen with sea view. Images by Wichmann + Bendtsen for Kinfolk
Lenting and coriander salad recipe by George Calombaris via Gourmet Traveller

..welcoming the longer spring days with a healthy salad of lenting and coriander in this modern country kitchen with the most amazing sea view.

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The Weekend

Saturday, March 28, 2015
 Image via Artwood Collection

#Easter eggs diy for the typo lovers.
● A cutie pie ring for Easter.
● I'm a sucker for herringbone and chevron wooden floors.
● Love ladders as decor. Check out these 5 ways you can style them.
● A pie that probably tastes as good as it looks.
● The coziest bunk beds done in a scandinavian way.
● These are not your average string lights.
● Oh my, the ultimate spring chocolate dessert!
● Need to learn these by heart: 7 daily habits of highly productive people.
● Thinking of buying this or this poster for my home. Impressive design on a really affordable price!

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Bare bulb pendant lamps as bedside lighting

Friday, March 27, 2015
Bare bulb pendant lamps as bedside lighting | My Paradissi

Although I love the exquisite form and attitude of a table lamp, I find the nightstand surface a space not to be recklessly spared. Unless we talk about bedrooms in the size of a small apartment with large bedside tables that are dresser sized (or with those large classy round pedestal ones), I'm sure that a mainstream side table is big enough to accommodate just the basics; the book, the phone, the alarm clock and glass of water (a vase with fresh flowers is not a necessity but highly appreciated). 

The idea is to keep the bed side lighting off that valuable surface by hanging it on the wall above or from the ceiling. A few months ago I posted about swing arm wall lamps next to the bed and how beautiful and practical they are. Today, I'd like to share with you yet another trend that's been around for quite a time; the bare bulb pendant lamp. 

Mostly seen in scandinavian interiors, this type of lighting is embraced by the mass not only for its minimalistic and straightforward style but also for how simple it is to diy. It consists of 3 parts which can be adjusted and designed to the likes of the owner; the cord, the socket and the lamp. You can pick from jute, bold colored or simple black or white, add a brass, copper, wooden or black socket and finish with a vintage Edison, a diamond shaped or a large spherical bulb. The mix and match choices are pretty endless so there is no way you won't find a piece to match your bedroom. 

Follow me after the jump, for some visual inspiration of this decor idea!

ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, March 26, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | I completely fell in love with the organic shape of this vintage pendant lamp (TheCuriousCaseShop, $203.97)
2 | There are like a million things one can do with a furoshiki, I would love to just wrap it around me (TheLinkCollective, $48)
3 | I have a thing for geometric prints lately. This one in its 42"x 56" size will look incredible on the wall (jesusperea, $500)
4 | Brass and wood are married successfully in this wonderful contemporary pendant (sewasong, $39.66)
5 | Simple, sleek, elegant and with the proper amount of transparency; this dress just so perfect for the warmer days ahead (SaturdayProject, $130 on sale)
6 | Can't take my eyes off of this gorgeous cast iron candleholder dating back from the 50ies (JustSmashingDarling, $29)

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The tufted sofa style guide

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
The tufted sofa style guide | My Paradissi
chadwin tufted sofa + girlavec apartment sofa + girlrochester sofa + girlequestrian loveseat + girlarchie sofa + girlsofa one + girlempress sofa + girl

Would you match your home to your personal style? Of course you would, I know I would. To rephrase the quote, how can one's place be nothing but a perfect example of their own style; how we feel, how we act, our likes and dislikes, the way we treat life and project our inner world to the outside can be visible not only on what we choose to wear but also how we choose to style our home.

To give you an example, I had some fun today playing mix and match with various outfits to selected favorite tufted sofas. I can very easily visualise each of these girls spending some time on their sofas and find all those details that make each piece suitable for each style. 

The chic lady on the first row would love to have a slim curvaceous sofa in her glam apartment while the girl right below, with the masculine outfit, cannot settle for less than a sophisticated square gray piece. The girl in beiges needs a casual cozy seating to cuddle up and the lady in blush scarf swears by tanned leather. Being girly but not that much, a bit feminine and a bit distant, the lady below prefers a statement piece to match her exquisite apartment. Unexpected form suits like glove to the girl with the cowl and finally, the all black minimalistic lady in the last row can do nothing but black leather.

What's your personal style and does it show in your home? Would it match any of these girls/sofas?

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Quote of the day

Monday, March 23, 2015
'Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.' ~Wayne Dyer

'Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.' ~Wayne Dyer

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Calm and bright scandinavian living room. Image by Tia Borgsmidt via Bolig
Classic carbonara recipe by Not Without Salt

..having a dish of classic carbonara in this calm and bright living room.

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The weekend

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Private house in Fornalutx, Mallorca by Laplace

● Weird but as if we didn't already know: 11 ways advertisers make food look delicious.
● Love these smart and budget friendly decor ideas.
3d puzzles made of concrete. Yes, please!
XL artwork ideas for your empty walls on a budget.
● I’m on the lookout for a neat crossbody bag. These are some of my favorites. Which one would you pick?
● This gorgeous sunlit loft in London.
● Amazing tutorial on how to turn old negatives into digital photos. 
Gifs to put a smile on your face.
● Improve your writing skills: 41 alternatives to the word cool.
● Cute and practical mini shelf.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Laplace.

DIY: Pretty planters for spring

Friday, March 20, 2015
DIY: Pretty planters for spring

It's Spring Equinox today! Despite the moody cloudy sky we had over here, this means that we are now officially entering the spring season. And, what better way to celebrate than to get our hands dirty this coming weekend with these cute little planter diys. Can't wait to bring some fresh greens indoors; most of my interior plants have dearly suffered (read: died a terrible death) during wintertime. These planters feel like a great way to add new life at home with style. Will you try any of these? Which one is your favorite?

half glazed pots | mug planters
faux glazed pots | woven planter
concrete planter | copper and white planters

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My home, my paradise NO.10

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Oh, so many elements that can turn a home into a private paradise on earth! If I were to design my dream home today, the following characteristics would definitely be a part of it:

ETSY MIX of the week

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | How can a copper tub look stylish? Anna Rosa of myLifebox definitely knows the how to (myLifebox, $26.14)
2 | Wooden lighting fixtures never looked so damn good (industlamp, $258+)
3 | Not your average sweetie pie huggy, this sophisticated plush toy is made of beige corduroy and is meant for the eclectic kiddos (or you) (debesy, $21.78)
4 | I have a thing for glass terrariums and I really don't know why haven't I bought one yet. I'm thinking about this one (Waen, $50+)
5 | Love the earthly beige tones of this 20ies bottle. Would make an excellent vase- love how it is matched with olive twigs in the display photo. So mediterranean! (SnapshotVintage, $28)
6 | I find this cat painting so cute and funny at the same time. Is she having a hard life as the title implies? (prettylittlethieves, $50) 

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REAL HOMES: Scandinavian inspired home offices

Monday, March 16, 2015
Scandinavian inspired home offices | joycecroonen on instagram

Today's image collection of workspaces comes from real homes, as they are seen on favorite instagram accounts. It's pretty inspiring to watch where other people spend their time working, creating, communicating or simply killing time, their desktops and all the office accessories and other bits and pieces neatly styled on them. Love the black and white simplicity, I feel it leaves room for the brain to work undistracted. What I mostly dig, however, are the greens I spot in a few of them that literally bring a breath of fresh air into the space! Hope you like them as much as I did ^^

Scandinavian inspired home offices | apieceofcake82 on instagram
Scandinavian inspired home offices | elisabeth_heier on instagram
Scandinavian inspired home offices | frederikkewaerens on instagram
Scandinavian inspired home offices | fregnate on instagram
Scandinavian inspired home offices | onlydecolove on instagram
Scandinavian inspired home offices | thedesignchaser on instagram

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, March 15, 2015
Bright kitchen with open counter. Image by Toby Scott
Carrot, zucchini and corn fritters with avocado, yoghurt and dukkah recipe by From The Kitchen

.. carelessly chopping the ingredients for theses pretty carrot, zucchini and corn fritters on this bright open kitchen counter.

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The Weekend

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Serene bedroom. Image by Kristofer Johnsson

● Gorgeous aethereal organic sculptures by Christiane Löhr.
● The time for shorter sleeves and pretty cuffs is on its way.
● Are you a nap person? I most certainly am.
● These super cute (and funny) fox planters.
Xl and xs artworks to grab your attention.
● Learning to live with plants.
● Fluffiest diy to try this weekend.
● Concrete is not a common material for a sconce, yet this one looks pretty amazing.
● Stunning 3d gifs created by a really simple visual trick.
● Craving this juicy super fresh (and apparently healthy) salad.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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BUY OR DIY: 3 tier hanging planters

Friday, March 13, 2015
BUY OR DIY: 3 tier hanging planters

I'm always welcoming smart ideas for bringing the nature indoors, esp. now that we're almost into spring (you, rain, hope you hear that!). A 3 tier hanging planter is like 3 times prettier than an ordinary hanging one, if you know what I mean, and here I have you a choice of either making your own or buying a handmade one. And, a detail worth mentioning; the ready made is from porcelain whereas the diy tutorial shows you how to make one with recycled plastic bottles (which I bet you can't tell from the photo). Cool or what?

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ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, March 12, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | Love the smart black and white abstract design of these mugs as much as their unique shape (STAKCERAMICS, $40)
2 | This gorgeous walnut cutting board would add that perfect rustic touch to your kitchen (ButternutBrooklyn, $95)
3 | There is no feeling as stroking soft suede and this tote bag is just the perfect way to have it always with you (CORIUMI, $98)
4 | Love the slim curvaceous form of this modern lacquered nightstand (Habitables, $342.84)
5 | Well hello you stunning mid century danish leather chair! I so want you in my apartment! (atomicthreshold, $695)
6 | This sleek and elegant bent plywood magazine rack holds a mid century memory in a totally contemporary form. Splendid! (Ciseal, $120)

P.s. Vintage and Main is celebrating My Paradissi as an Etsy Tastemaker and is giving a 10% discount with code ATASTEOFVINTAGE10 to selected stores for a few more days. See the list of participating stores here

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Quote of the day

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.

'Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.' ~Robert H. Schuller

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The ultimate marble trend blog post

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
The Marble Trend | Image via Katty Shiebeck via Est Magazine

Ready for a long, marble filled post? I (still) keep seeing lots of marble round the internet and thought I'd put together all those images that inspire me (well, not all, they are too many ;) from interiors to style and diys in one big post as a sort of trend reference. Marble is undoubtedly one of my favorite materials; sleek, elegant, sophisticated, delicate, authentic and unique and I'm always fascinated to see it being used in contemporary design projects and stylish abodes. The trend goes even further with various imitations of the irregular veins of marble on other materials like textiles or paper. This post is dedicated to the white, carrara type marble (the one with the black and grey veins), although there are some amazing black, beige, pink, brown marbles out there definitely worth mentioning (perhaps some other day). After the jump, you'll see my collection of some stunning kitchens and bathrooms, awesome tile patterns, homeware picks and diy ideas, as well as some nifty ways to dress to the marble trend. Enjoy! 

10 BEST: Tan leather sofas

Monday, March 9, 2015
Tan leather sofas | Image by Karolina Bak via Remodelista
Image by Karolina Bak via Remodelista

If there is one thing I would love to have in my home but unfortunately can't afford for the time being, that would definitely be a tanned leather sofa. Every time I come across a photo of an interior sporting one of these sleek luxurious pieces my heart skips a beat. Whether the interior is contemporary, minimalistic, modern, eclectic or bohemian, a tan leather sofa is sure to add up to the given decor. It is the exquisite vibe of its durable, soft to the touch material, the warm tone of the tanned leather, in hues varying from deep cognac to bright orange, and the fixed form that is neither too stiff nor too cushy, yet totally welcoming most of the times, that makes such a sofa totally lustworthy. The following list is a note of 10 beauties for a future reference for my dream home and, of course, for those of you who are in search of the ideal tan leather sofa for your home or office (they look so perfectly in place in almost any office space, don't you agree?). Any favorites?

Tan Leather Sofas

Shop this collection: 1.Heston leather sofa (Abc Carpet & Home, $5,995), 2.Mikado vintage leather sofa (Maisons Du Monde, £1,299), 3.Lindrum leather sofa (West Elm, $1,599), 4.Authentic leather Arne Norell Ilona Safari sofa (506070, $2,637.96), 5.Abington leather sofa (Ethan Allen, $3,869.10), 6.Chester leather sofa (Abc Carpet & Home, $4,440), 7.Cheviot leather sectional (One Kings Lane, $5.399), 8.Swan sofa (Design Within Reach, $18,399), 9.Worthy leather sofa (Joybird, $3,549), 10.Como sofa (Design Within Reach, $7,310)

Tan leather sofas | Image via C+M Studio
Image via C+M Studio

P.s. 40 ways to decorate with tan leather

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Eclectic kitchen photo by Toby Scott
Raspberry breakfast bowl recipe by Pinch of Yum

..preparing a healthy (and utterly good looking) raspberry breakfast bowl in this eclectic bright kitchen with the gorgeous concrete island and mosaic floor. 

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The Weekend

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Cozy contemporary bedroom by C+M Studio

● For the designers: Css jokes to make you lol.
Freelancing lessons worth noting.
● For the lovers of exquisite handmade jewelry, check out here and here.
● New mouth-drooling recipe to try.
● Saturday shopping spree. Just bought this grey scarf for myself and this geometric print for my home. What's next?
Break up in a rather cynical (but hilarious) way.
● Read my recent article about my hometown, Heraklion, on the Kuoni travel agency site (it is in german but you can use google translator to help you out). Also, find my top 5 local snack places here.
● How about this gorgeous dress?
● Easy to try high-impact decorating moves to transform your home in an instant.
● Pretty hexagonal concrete bookends to diy this weekend.

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Last week: My new corner sofa.
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Happy weekend, friends!

P.s. The tearsheet of latest interview on the My Home Style magazine (in german as well). Those of you in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can get the issue from a kiosk nearby.

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Image by C+M Studio via here.