The Weekend

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Mountain top reading

● Fun and quite unusual diy planter.
● What's going on with this dress?
● An interesting an intimidating video on aging.
● Pretty amazing collection of removable wallpapers.
● Photography is passé. Try embroidery instead.
Organizing tips are always mostly welcomed, esp. when they involve clutter-prone areas (check closet, bathroom cabinets, pantry)
● Slim and sexy bar cart.
● When calligraphy and paper cutting are combined, the result is stunning.
● Make your cheese platter look darn cute with these markers.
● Want to be successful? Here's what to do.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image original source unknown.

ETSY MIX of the week

Friday, February 27, 2015

1 | Oh, that poster makes perfectly sense now! Would fit like a glove in my (any) baby's nursery (supermumdesign, $33.84)
2 | Just love this delicate feather mobile. There are plenty of hues to pick from but this navy/gold composition spoke right into my heart (WhitehallFarmMD, $60+)
3 | This chunky fabric necklace looks so cool to wear over a simple t-shirt or blouse (imolabynoemiimola, $20)
4 | A blanket fit for those who want to sleep under the stars. Literally (SewnNatural, $140)
5 | How cute is this serving bowl? Almost too pretty to use on a daily basis, but then, why the heck no? (MarinskiHandmades, $35) 
6 | I admit I'm a sucker for mechanic, industrial inspired lamps, like this simple one, which btw comes in other fun colors too (SouthernLightsTN, $135)

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MOOD 09_15

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today, I'd like to..

Image by Vanja Milicevic via Fashion and Style

Image via Stil Inspiration
..wake up in this cushy bed

Brass himmeli pendant diy tutorial by I Spy Diy

Chocolate caramel corn cookies recipe by The Whole Bite Blog
 ..bake these delicious chocolate caramel corn cookies

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BUY OR DIY: Hand painted pillows

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
BUY OR DIY: Hand painted pillows

A hand painted pillow would be the easiest way to add a charming casual touch to your decor. If you check on the tutorial on Make and Tell, you'll see it's actually no big deal to make one for yourself, which you can customize to match your aesthetics and room decor. If, on the other hand, are not in the mood for crafting, pay a visit to the Yao Cheng Design shop on Etsy for some really pretty handmade cushion covers (the one in the photo above is here). So which one would it be for you then?

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LOVE OR NOT: Faux taxidermy on wall

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
LOVE OR NOT: Faux taxidermy on wall

I have to admit I am on a big dilemma on this design matter. Although I completely despise the idea of having the head of a dead animal hung on my wall as some sort of trophy, I find its form and organic geometry totally captivating. I would like to take the moral issue of the table, so I'm narrowing down today’s question on whether you would hang a faux taxidermy on your wall or not. There are plenty of amazing pieces out there made of paper mache, cardboard, paper, resin, wood, yarn or textiles, that are definitely worth considering. Love how they bring an exquisite vibe to a gallery wall and how they add a 3d feeling to an otherwise flat composition. Some of them are such cuties they are even implemented into a kid's room design. It is, however, the underlying notion behind such object that makes me dubious on whether they are actually a positive addition to a room or their reminisce of an actual dead animal brings a bad karma to the space. What’s your opinion on that matter? Are you a fan of faux taxidermy? Would you have it on your wall? I have added a poll widget at the end of the post, after the jump, to help you answer this one. Scroll down to cast a vote. I'd love to see how many of you are fan of this idea or not!

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, February 22, 2015
Luxurious cozy bed | Design by Jeremiah Brent, image by Brittany Ambridge for Domino
Strawberry jelly donut holes recipe by Little Spice Jar

..cuddling up in this luxuriously cozy bed and delightfully munching on these mouth drooling strawberry jelly donut holes all day long.

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The Weekend

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Dar Mahjouba Riad in Marrakech Morocco | Image by Martin Raffone

● Modern disorders are so last year.
● Garage turned into an utterly gorgeous home.
● Love the idea of hanging wall terrariums. These are so pretty!
● What's your social media type?
● If you are a fan of modern ethnic interiors, then you should pay a visit to this tumblr.
● Touching video of the universal language that makes us all one.
● In need of great props to decorate a bookcase? Check out this shop.
● Always impressed by Emily's design works; her kitchen redo is simply not to be missed.
● Digging this delicate tube ring.
Prioritizing doesn't mean we're lazy.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Remodelista.

10 BEST: Round bathroom mirrors

Friday, February 20, 2015
10 BEST: Round bathroom mirrors

Shop this collection: 1.Solace lavatory mirror (Wayfair, $305.99), 2.Eichholtz Clearwater Mirror (Occa Home, $475), 3.Montara Mirror (Serena & Lily, $295), 4.Brushed nickel metal framed mirror (West Elm, $179), 5.Loft Round Mirror (Room & Board, $999), 6.Strap mirror (La Fabrika, €159), 7.Ball Chain Wall Mirror (One Kings Lane, $729), 8.Lander mirror (Wayfair, $672), 9.tork brass dripping mirror (Cb2, $229), 10.Naida Wall Mirror (One Kings Lane, $399)

P.s. Check out some visual inspiration on amazing bathrooms with round mirrors here.

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ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, February 19, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | What a lovely pouch to help keep up with the inside purse madness! (LeeCoren, $34)
2 | I used to have similar face hangers as a kid and I totally adored them! Now, these cuties scream to be purchased (RedHandGang, $19.80) 
3 | I have a bunch of canvas totes at home as I use them to store, organize or carry just about a million things. Would love to add this one to my collection as well (sealmaiden, $22)
4 | Beautiful original art of moon phases by Natasha Newton I'd most certainly like on my wall (NatashaNewtonArt, $118.80) 
5 | Anything shaped in a chunky cloudy form is undoubtedly gaining my attention. This wooden breadboard and sponge included (snugstudio, $31.32)
6 | Love these minimalistic yet cute picture frames that look a lot like magnifying glasses or hand mirrors but are most certainly not (StudioOrijin, $58.10)

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Quote of the day

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Like a star, she is held by her own gravity, she knows nothing about belonging to someone else’s grounds. Vàzaki Nada

'Like a star, she is held by her own gravity, she knows nothing about belonging to someone else’s grounds.' ~Vàzaki Nada

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DECOR TREND: Round bathroom mirrors

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
DECOR TREND: Round bathroom mirror

To be quite honest, round mirrors always reminded me of kitschy and flamboyant 70ies interiors. No need to explain why I didn't quite like/use them in my designs. However, things have drastically changed these past months. Reason for that? Well, a quick browsing through pinterest or such will have you convinced as well. The basic curvaceous shape of a rounded mirror works wonders with the sophisticated contemporary interiors that are thriving during this period. The stark finishes and the geometric forms, the monochromatic, often contrasting, color palettes and the eclectic personalized aesthetics create a glorious background for this trend to succeed. Round mirrors can be found with sleek metallic or wooden frame in dark tones (read: black), natural finishes and metallic shades, or, most commonly, left without a frame. Sizes can vary from xl impressive pieces to smaller statement ones, that can often be seen in pairs. Get your dose of round mirrors inspiration, right after the jump and leave a comment below to tell me if this is a trend you'd like to use in your home! xoxo

MOOD 08_15

Monday, February 16, 2015

Today, I would most certainly..

Meringue kisses recipe by Honestly Yum
..bite on these adorable baby pink meringue kisses

Sport luxe black and white outfit by Modern Legacy
..wear a sporty chic black and white outfit

Black and white contemporary bedroom design by 0932 Design Consultants
..decorate in stark black and white

Desert Palms Black and White Photography by BeelineStudio
..dream of distant summer dreams with this print hung on my wall

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Kitchen with concrete countertop and splashback. Photo  by Anson Smart, styling by Claire Delmar for Inside Out Magazine
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts recipe by Baked The Blog

..preparing these lovely baked cinnamon sugar donuts in this moody kitchen with the remarkable concrete countertop and splashback.

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The Weekend

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Image by Ulrika Ekblom

● Love to see the creative collaboration of two beloved bloggers of mine taking a new life.
Kitchens that will never go out of style.
● Bunch of cool posters at Les Temps Modernes.
Metal framed glass doors are a current fave interior trend of mine (and lots of others as I can tell).
● Cute diy to try (and wear) on Valentine's day.
● How to make your kid eat just about everything.
● Really fun and creative minimalistic dog lamp by Elizabeth and Márton.
These would make a pretty gift for the hostess.
● Gorgeous free high-res photos to use on your blog/site/wherever at Unsplash.
● Lovely wall hooks for a nursery or kids room.

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Happy Valentine's day, friends!

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Image by Ulrika Ekblom.

The cozy scandinavian home of Ulrika Randel

Friday, February 13, 2015
The cozy scandinavian home of Ulrika Randel  | Photo by Christopher Johnsson, styling by Pella Hedeby for Residence magazine

Nothing can beat the understated warmth of a scandinavian apartment when it is tenderly attended with loads of cozy textiles, soft furnishings and neutral tones. The home of Ulrika Randel, blogger behind 17doors, is exactly as such. The Beni Ourain rug, the sheepskin throw and the cushy knitted blanket on the sofa, however, are only the tip of the iceberg (and obviously the most characteristic accents of a warm atmosphere). On top of these, I'd like to point out a few more details that add up to the welcoming feeling, like the cotton covered Koushi pendant lamp, the pottery, unrefined wood and leather that can be found around the place, the olive trees and other vegetation on the window sills and the delicate cornice of the ceiling. Enjoy this amazing home right after the jump! xoxo

ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, February 12, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | Love the curvaceous shape of this vintage pendant lamp. Plus it's copper. A must have! (oppning, $162.90) 
2 | It's been unexpectedly cold over here the past few days (it almost snowed in Heraklion- so rare!) and this chunky coal looks like the perfect choice to go outside (RememberADay, $90)
3 | How can one resist a pretty clutch on such a gorgeous price tag? (UrbanBagShop, $19.90)
4 | The easiest way to add an eclectic touch to your bedroom is to place a vintage alarm clock on your nightstand. There are tons to pick from over at TheThingsThatWere (TheThingsThatWere, $35)
5 | This 50ies metal and wicker bar cart is the prettiest one I've seen in a while in its delicate and slender form (OtherTimesVintage, $175)
6 | These abstract painting series by Vivi have an amazingly subtle yet interesting palette of pastels mixed with pops of black (LikeWilliamStudio, $75)

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DIY: Last minute paper Valentine diys

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
DIY: Last minute paper Valentine diys

Looking for some last minute easy diys for Valentine's day? These 6 ones are so simple as to print, cut, fold or paint. 'Cause on a day like this one prefers to hug and kiss than spend time crafting, right?  
Valentine's wall decal | Floral Valentines
Valentine chocolate bar wrappers | Origami heart love letter
Hugs and kisses heart garland | Cookie Valentine printable

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Rooms with a view

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Design by Studio Ko. Image by Nicolas Mathéus via Elle Decoration França Junho 2014
Contemporary concrete bathroom with mountain view by Studio Ko

It's been a long week but we're finally safe and sound at home :) Thank you all so much for your love and wishes; these past months have been an thrilling journey into motherhood with enormous doses of feelings both good and bad (how can one just skip the last ones?). I hope from now on we'll settle into a more predictable daily schedule so I can focus on this blog again. I really missed this spot and the invigorating vibes it brings while posting and communicating with you. Like a window to the most relaxing and inspiring surroundings. Certainly like the rooms above, designed by amazing Studio Ko. See you around, friends! xoxo

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Images by Studio Ko via here and here.

The news

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hey friends, it's been a while since my last post and I'm keeping this one short too. The reason is that, due to some health issues, my baby and I are spending some time in the hospital. Things look positive so far but my time and stamina are too limited to keep up with posting. I'll be around the social media as much as I can, though. A happy vibe is always welcome during these days :)

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