The Weekend

Saturday, December 26, 2015
Scandinavian minimalist Christmas decor | Image via vittvittvitt

● A cheese paddle to steal the show on your New Year's table setting.
● Stacking firewood under the stairs, the scandinavian kind of way.
● Do you like puzzles? Then you'll adore this 3d one.
● Endless browsing bliss.
● After I (try to) spend a few days sugar free to detox from the Christmas/party madness, I'm definitely making these..
● ..or skip detoxing altogether and indulge in this awesomeness.
● This wall lamp, OMG.
● Such a sweet animation.
● This wreath, I'd keep all year long.
Cardigan love.

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Happy weekend, friends!

Join the fun

Image via vittvittvitt

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