The Weekend

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Cozy scandinavian bedroom with monstera plant | Stadshem

● Not enough space for a real Christmas tree? Here's an alternative idea.
● This home office.
● So excited to see my friend Corina creating her first online courses. If you are interested in the secrets of hand lettering, branding process and layout design she's your gal. Don't miss this!
● Really curious to smell all those fun and creative scented candles.
● Yup! That's totally me ^^
● Don't believe everything you see online, esp. on pinterest.
● Gorgeous wreath chandelier for your Christmas decor.
● Cutest Christmas card ever.
● These cookies look utterly delicious in that box. Such a perfect handmade gift idea!
● This is a tattoo I would consider having.

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Happy weekend, friends!

P.s. There is still some time left to order your handmade gifts from Etsy. Here are my gift guides for inspiration!

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Image via Stadshem via here

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  1. Aw, thank you so much for sharing my chandelier link :) Love the 'Pinterest lies' article - so true! haha Have a great week x