My New Year resolutions for a blissful home

Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Styling Greydeco, photography Jonas Berg via Stadshem

When it comes to resolutions, it is the small changes that have an impact and actually make a difference. Those simple, everyday things that you can follow with no fuss are the ones that uplift the quality of your life and, in the end, make you feel proud for actually sticking to a resolution plan. Speaking for myself, these are the New Year home resolutions I'd love to embrace on 2016 (truth is, I already try to follow many of them, why wait ;). Does any of these ring a bell? Will you follow along?
My New Year resolutions for a blissful home | My Paradissi

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1 comment on "My New Year resolutions for a blissful home"
  1. These all sound very familiar with me, yet it is good to see them together and get a kind od guideline. Happy NewYear, Eleni, for yoy and your loved ones!