10 extraordinary minimalist wreath ideas

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
10 extraordinary minimalist wreath ideas | My Paradissi

It's wreath season, yay! Although fluffy, rich and traditional are always attention getters, simple minimalistic ones have this unrefined appeal that makes you want to keep them on your wall all year long. And, I say, why wouldn't you. I know I'd love to have each one of the following beauties around even in the heart of the summer (let's say that's possible with most greens..). Plus, most of them are fairly easy and budget friendly to make. Enjoy ^^

Minimalist wreath ideas | The Merrythought
The Merrythought
Minimalist wreath ideas | Almost Makes Perfect
Almost Makes Perfect
Minimalist wreath ideas | Once Wed
Once Wed
Minimalist wreath ideas | Treasures & Travels
Treasures & Travels
Minimalist wreath ideas | Bo Bedre
Bo Bedre
Minimalist wreath ideas | By Fryd
By Fryd
Minimalist wreath ideas | Freckle And Wulff
Freckle And Wulff 
Minimalist wreath ideas | Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen
Minimalist wreath ideas | Weekday Carnival
Weekday Carnival
Minimalist wreath ideas | Treasures & Travels
Treasures & Travels

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3 comments on "10 extraordinary minimalist wreath ideas"
  1. They are all so simple and beautiful! This year I turned my Christmas wreath into a chandelier :D Not exactly minimalistic idea but it makes an interesting light effect when it's on :) Have a great day x

  2. These are absolutely darling! I love your blog. Right up my alley with these simple and soulful ideas for decor! <3

  3. I love your wreaths especially the last one with you in the picture. What are the materials you used. So elegant