Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Weekend

Cozy bed setting | Styling by Emma Fisher, photo by Janne Olander via Stadshem

● Religion is a pretend; hatred is intentionally cultivated by the ill minds; there has to be no excuse for the terrorist victims, the war victims and all the refugees fleeing their countries for their unquestionable right to live.
● Modern country minimalism with industrial touches kind of love.
● What this lady can do with her voice is out of this world.
● Did you get to see The Holiday Collective? This blog is all you need for the holiday season.
● These persona dolls are so much fun.
● This art place in Japan- pure magic.
Cookie cutters in whatever shape you might ever wish for.
Really?! Sorry fashion gurus, but this one I don't get.
This is cool.
● Gorgeous leather laptop bag (I'd definitely hold with or without a laptop inside).

Last week: Contemporary home with scandinavian vibes
Last week: Modern white bedrooms inspiration
Back in 2014: Cozy scandinavian apartment
Back in 2013: All natural and bright apartment 

Happy weekend, friends!

Join the fun

Image via Stadshem

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