Wednesday, September 23, 2015

White bathrooms with b&w patterned floors

White bathrooms with b&w patterned floors | Image by Kira Brandt
Kira Brandt via here
Keeping a room all white gives you the freedom to play with pattern on a surface without suffocating the space. The contrasting geometric patterns on the floors of these bathrooms are an excellent example. If you are interested to read more on this subject, I have written an article on eclectic bathrooms with patterned tile floors on The Interior Collective blog. Check it out here and leave your thoughts!

White bathrooms with b&w patterned floors | Decus Interiors
Decus Interiors

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  1. This is truly awesome designs about the floor designs.i ll forward this blog to my friend for look a classic bathroom floor design.

  2. Great combination of white and black colour . Bathroom design is so elegant. Nice post!

  3. Hey Eleni, Its a stylish bathroom and also the great combination of B&W enhance the beauty.

  4. Its stylish bathroom looking very pretty...


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