The Weekend

Saturday, September 5, 2015
Backyard with plants. Image by Christine Bauer via Heimelig.

● Love the hues and pattern of this handwoven rug.
● These photos will blow your mind away (hint: they are not photoshopped).
● Wave clutter goodbye with these fairly simple daily habits.
● Got free time? Why not getting smarter?
● This bracelet cuff (and this one).
● I have shared my 10 favorite spots in Crete on the Thomas Cook blog. Come and have a look! (article is in German but you can use google translator ;)
● This apartment, sigh.
● Make yoga not war.
● Cool handmade geometric kitchen towels.
● Super duper incredibly pretty minimalist concrete building miniatures.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image by Christine Bauer via Heimelig.

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