DIY: Minimalist clothes rack

Thursday, September 10, 2015
DIY: Minimalist clothes rack

There are basically two reasons why one would probably want to have a clothes rack in their home. One, there is a shortage/lack of closets or other storage space and, two, they have a cool wardrobe they would love to display/show off. Actually, these diys give yet another great excuse to sport a rad minimalist clothes rack in your place, as they are too darn pretty not to decorate with. Plus, their tutorials are really straight forward and simple to follow. Would you make one yourself then?

hommiewide eyed legless
bettina holstweekday carnival
a pair and a spare | love aesthetics

P.s. For those of you who love the idea but are not happy crafters, there are some really pretty clothes racks to buy here, and also this one and that one are similar to the ones above.

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2 comments on "DIY: Minimalist clothes rack"
  1. I've never liked the idea of open storage for clothes. It might look nice like a retail shop displaying all the different units of clothes, but I can't stand the idea of dust coming to settle on everything because it isn't enclosed.