Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Turkish towels by SUTOWELS

Turkish towels by SUTOWELS

Ah, towels. Crisp, delicate towels. One of the simplest yet cushiest luxuries of life. A pleasure that one can not understand the importance of until one has actually indulged into the soft hug of a natural fine quality towel.

That being said, I was ecstatic to receive two sets of gorgeous turkish towels by SUTOWELS, an online store specialising in high quality towels or peshtemals as they are called.
"SUTOWELS is a Zurich based online brand that provide Turkish towels. 'Su' is a Turkish word which means water. It is simple yet powerful; an inspiration we follow as a brand."
There are 3 types of bath towels in the store, categorised over their weight and use; the yoga&beach, the essential and the ritual ones. 

Turkish towels by SUTOWELS

The towels I got are from the essential and the ritual collection. The essential light brown ones with the large white stripe are soft to the touch, lightweight and durable. Perfect for everyday use and to take with you on a travel. I would, moreover, use them as a beach towel or casual wrap up on my vacation.

Turkish towels by SUTOWELS

The light beige ones with the stripes are from the ritual collection, the most luxurious collection in the store. They are carefully hand woven of a precious bamboo and cotton mix and are so soft to the touch that I could hardly believe. Can't even begin to express how I felt when I used them after my evening bath. It was pure heaven. Or, to put it otherwise, exactly what my tired mommy body needed at that moment.

Turkish towels by SUTOWELS

If you are on the lookout for bath towels, to revamp your bathroom or for a gorgeous gift for a beloved one or to simply indulge into this everyday luxury, drop by SUTOWELS to choose what's best for you.

Turkish towels by SUTOWELS

You can follow SUTOWELS on facebook, instagram and pinterest as well as read their blog.

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Photos by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post, you always write about such interesting, pretty things! I am going to get my Sutowel straight away. Kisses.


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