The Weekend

Saturday, July 4, 2015
Greek island architecture

● Love love love molding inside a house.
● Most refreshing art for your home by Samantha French.
● Gorgeous mix of contemporary and country design in this spanish hacienda.
● Happy little ceramic cones to display and organise your rings.
● Do you have problematic friendships? I'm sure you do. We all have at some point in our lives.
● In the vast world of online media, news can be more than often manipulated and misleading. If you are interested in reading about what's going on in Greece these past few days (ehem, years) you can click here (in english)
Straightforward tips for beginner photographers with plenty explanatory images.
● Hahaha, craziest paint color names ever!
Baby swaddle for the calligraphy lovers.
● We all need this in our lives.

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Happy weekend, friends, and for my greek fellows, vote with your hearts not with your wallets. Let love and hope overcome fear :)

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