Friday, June 12, 2015

Utterly cozy recessed sleeping nooks

Sala Ayutthaya Hotel by Onion architects
Image via DPages
Recessed bed nooks look so darn cozy and a completely inviting scenario for my sleep deprived baby days. Love these two spaces for they are crisp and bright, simple and cushy, balanced and serene. I imagine myself tucked inside the nook of the first photo, with a good book (no screens or any sorts of technology whatsoever) and an utter silence blissfully flooding the space. Oh, I so need this to recharge my batteries right now :) 

Image via Oscar V
Image via Oscar V

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  1. The first one is like a dream!

  2. I love the first picture, it's the perfect place to take a nap while listening to sounds of the sea and crashing waves on my sound machine...woosahh.

  3. All the pictures are amazing and great interior work.


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