The Weekend

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Fringed Macramé Hammock via Anthropologie

● You, gorgeous wine country retreat, have my name all over your walls (and in that pool of yours too)
● Planning on visiting Santorini this summer? This hotel is one of my faves.
● I'm sure they are healthy and all, but these ice cubes are too darn cute to miss anyway.
● Brilliant wallpaper.
● That's a great deal of imagination and talent (and a dose of humor) mixed together.
● Looking for a fab statement necklace? Here's a collection of amazing ones.
Decluttering tips straight from the bible.
● Check out my latest article on the Decorilla blog on how to decorate a gender neutral eclectic nursery.
● This headboard. Oh my, this headboard.
● How cute is are these (edible) miniature donuts?

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Anthropologie.

2 comments on "The Weekend"
  1. Lovely hammock. I'd take a nap. I had a hammock years ago I used to read and sleep there.

  2. Θελω μια τετοια γωνια σπίτι μου!