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Thursday, June 18, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week | Baby boy edition

*Baby boy edition

1 | These denim shorts can't get any cuter. Want! (mabelretro, $25)
2 | Love this fun bear placemat. Now we started on solid foods it sure will come in handy (LittleHipsterBoys, $21.05)
3 | I'm sure my baby would dearly appreciate this wooden teething ring now he's starting to have his first teeth showing up (LittleHipsterBoys, $16.37)
4 | I would never have guessed how many bibs a tiny person needs. This reversible navy one is so chic (kishubaby, $16) 
5 | Isn't this the coolest diaper bag you've seen? I'm seriously thinking about giving away my current one for this beauty (byHOLM, $159)
6 | This minimalistic plush rabbit looks so huggable (debesy, $29.24) 

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