The Weekend

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Villa Marily of Aenaon Villas in Santorini. Photo by Nikos Gogas

● Is it summer yet?
● Stunning renovation of a century old Brooklyn brownstone.
Chocolate truffles that are super creamy, delicious and totally healthy. Yes, please!
● These are real homes. Really.
● Cool laundry bag suitable for small spaces.
● Great tips on interior design by the pros.
● If you are into soap making this shop has some really creative molds. 
 "The images we adopt for ourselves have an impact in the way we define our own existence, talk about our everyday lives and think about our future"
● Gorgeous necklace for summer.
● For our sanity: 8 ways to stop over-thinking.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Aenaon Villas

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