Brass pipe bathroom fixtures

Monday, May 4, 2015
Image by Brooke Holm for Share Design
Image by Brooke Holm for Share Design via here 
Ever considered that bare pipes in the bathroom can lead to a strictly industrial result? Check out these beauties then. The smart choice of the surrounding materials (like marble and gorgeous pebble floors, mosaic tiles and pretty vintage mirror) as well as a bright color palette definitely prove otherwise. The brass finish of the pipes works towards this casual elegant direction too. Love the subtle unrefined touch they add to the decor and how seamlessly they blend with the rest of the design. What do you think? Would you use bare pipes as bathroom fixtures?

Image by Kristian Holm
Image by Kristian Holm via here

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3 comments on "Brass pipe bathroom fixtures"
  1. They look so rudimentary, like in 1920s, I think. Didn't live in that period but I think I saw some in old movies.

  2. Si me encanta !