The Weekend

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Image by David Ross

● Are you working from home? Here what to do to keep balance between work and personal life.
● Definitely turning some of the bananas that are piling up on my countertop into these.
● Smart tips on how to hide away all those ugly but necessary home accents.
● Loved to see the origins of some of my favorite design trends.
● Cute Mother's day card.
● I'm totally stunned by this lady's patience!
Pastel pottery looks so spring happy.
● Living inside a boat, the sophisticated minimalistic way (if only I could afford that!).
Great way to make cheap and not so pretty art into something stylish.
● Some pretty gorgeous leather sandals for the summer.

Last week: My new moroccan throw for my sofa from SHOUF.
Last week: My home, my paradise.
Back on 2014: Decor trend: Large scale wall art.
Back on 2013: Tempting turquoise waters in Greece.

Happy weekend, friends!

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Image by David Ross via here.

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