Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Weekend

Image by Sharla Pike via Style Me Pretty.

● Would love one of these in my living room.
● Are you an introvert and run your own business? Here are some tips to keep it going.
● What do you think of b&w checkered floors? I find them really gorgeous.
● Awesome kitchen redo (hint: xl brass pulls and mint cabinet fronts look so good together).
● I spend most of my waking hours sitting on a chair working. I should probably do a few of these for the sake of my well being.
● OMG, a roasted strawberries milkshake? With extra chocolate pistachio brittle? OMG.
● Not sure I can make one of these, but they sure look stunning.
● Love the new collection of handcrafted textiles by Swift. Also, love their 10% sale until 4/12!
● Cutest canvas basket to store away toys in a kids room.
● Shopping for the perfect beach inspired bedroom.

Last week: Modern sophisticated houses on Syros island.
Last week: 10 best elegant white table lamps.
Back on 2014: Contemporary kitchens with cement floor tiles.
Back on 2013: Styling experiments in my living room.

Happy weekend and happy Easter to those who celebrate :)

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Image by Sharla Pike via Style Me Pretty.

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  1. I love the kitchen reno you linked to! I love brass like I love donuts (read: a lot!). Thanks for sharing!


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