ETSY MIX of the week

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | Knitted necklaces are so fun! Would love to wear a bunch of them so as to create chunky layers (HappyLaika, $15.30)
2 | Love the geometric pattern of this canvas tote bag. It's like carrying an minimalistic abstract piece of art with you (depeapa, $22)
3 | Sandals season is almost here! Get your own leather Hermes sandals with wings here (LoveFromCyprus, $72.02)
4 | This jumping rope may be the cutest way to burn all those extra winter calories (desEnfantillages, $13.18+)
5 | Gorgeous geometric wrap jacket in pure white for the early spring colds (ATUKO, $195)
6 | Really, how cute is this lidded pink casserole? Perfect to add some spring inspired pastels in the kitchen (AlegriaCollection, $30)

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3 comments on "ETSY MIX of the week"
  1. Αχ αυτα τα σανδαλάκια... τα εβλεπα τις προάλλες στην βιτρίνα!

  2. Etsy always has a lot of fun and interesting treasures. I love the 'mix' you've found in this post. Great finds!

  3. Love this mix, Eleni! And thank you for the feature!