The tufted sofa style guide

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
The tufted sofa style guide | My Paradissi
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Would you match your home to your personal style? Of course you would, I know I would. To rephrase the quote, how can one's place be nothing but a perfect example of their own style; how we feel, how we act, our likes and dislikes, the way we treat life and project our inner world to the outside can be visible not only on what we choose to wear but also how we choose to style our home.

To give you an example, I had some fun today playing mix and match with various outfits to selected favorite tufted sofas. I can very easily visualise each of these girls spending some time on their sofas and find all those details that make each piece suitable for each style. 

The chic lady on the first row would love to have a slim curvaceous sofa in her glam apartment while the girl right below, with the masculine outfit, cannot settle for less than a sophisticated square gray piece. The girl in beiges needs a casual cozy seating to cuddle up and the lady in blush scarf swears by tanned leather. Being girly but not that much, a bit feminine and a bit distant, the lady below prefers a statement piece to match her exquisite apartment. Unexpected form suits like glove to the girl with the cowl and finally, the all black minimalistic lady in the last row can do nothing but black leather.

What's your personal style and does it show in your home? Would it match any of these girls/sofas?

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2 comments on "The tufted sofa style guide"
  1. Oh I totally agree! Personal style should reflect on your home and vice versa. I love the pairings you've made with the couches and dresses. Very cool.

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