Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Weekend

Mountain top reading

● Fun and quite unusual diy planter.
● What's going on with this dress?
● An interesting an intimidating video on aging.
● Pretty amazing collection of removable wallpapers.
● Photography is passé. Try embroidery instead.
Organizing tips are always mostly welcomed, esp. when they involve clutter-prone areas (check closet, bathroom cabinets, pantry)
● Slim and sexy bar cart.
● When calligraphy and paper cutting are combined, the result is stunning.
● Make your cheese platter look darn cute with these markers.
● Want to be successful? Here's what to do.

Last week: Faux taxidermy on wall.
Last week: Hand painted pillows to buy or diy.
Back on 2014: 6 no-knit yarn diys.
Back on 2013: Just make it work: Home office.

Happy weekend, friends!

Join the fun

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