Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Weekend

Image by Ulrika Ekblom

● Love to see the creative collaboration of two beloved bloggers of mine taking a new life.
Kitchens that will never go out of style.
● Bunch of cool posters at Les Temps Modernes.
Metal framed glass doors are a current fave interior trend of mine (and lots of others as I can tell).
● Cute diy to try (and wear) on Valentine's day.
● How to make your kid eat just about everything.
● Really fun and creative minimalistic dog lamp by Elizabeth and M├írton.
These would make a pretty gift for the hostess.
● Gorgeous free high-res photos to use on your blog/site/wherever at Unsplash.
● Lovely wall hooks for a nursery or kids room.

Last week: Last minute paper Valentine diys.
Last week: A cozy scandinavian home.
Back on 2014: Sophisticated living rooms.
Back on 2013: A quote fit for the day.

Happy Valentine's day, friends!

Join the fun

Image by Ulrika Ekblom.


  1. happy valentin!!!!! angie from germany

  2. Oh, thank you for the link love Eleni! This means the world to Radostina and I. Much much love back at ya! Xx, Si-


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