Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rooms with a view

Design by Studio Ko. Image by Nicolas Mathéus via Elle Decoration França Junho 2014
Contemporary concrete bathroom with mountain view by Studio Ko

It's been a long week but we're finally safe and sound at home :) Thank you all so much for your love and wishes; these past months have been an thrilling journey into motherhood with enormous doses of feelings both good and bad (how can one just skip the last ones?). I hope from now on we'll settle into a more predictable daily schedule so I can focus on this blog again. I really missed this spot and the invigorating vibes it brings while posting and communicating with you. Like a window to the most relaxing and inspiring surroundings. Certainly like the rooms above, designed by amazing Studio Ko. See you around, friends! xoxo

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Images by Studio Ko via here and here.


  1. Glad to hear you are both well and back home!
    Life (and more so life as a parent) is full of mixed blessings.
    This beautiful space really reminds me of my home island of Sardinia – probably the vegetation.
    Have a happy and healthy week!

  2. Welcome back Eleni - we missed you too!


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