ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, February 19, 2015
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | What a lovely pouch to help keep up with the inside purse madness! (LeeCoren, $34)
2 | I used to have similar face hangers as a kid and I totally adored them! Now, these cuties scream to be purchased (RedHandGang, $19.80) 
3 | I have a bunch of canvas totes at home as I use them to store, organize or carry just about a million things. Would love to add this one to my collection as well (sealmaiden, $22)
4 | Beautiful original art of moon phases by Natasha Newton I'd most certainly like on my wall (NatashaNewtonArt, $118.80) 
5 | Anything shaped in a chunky cloudy form is undoubtedly gaining my attention. This wooden breadboard and sponge included (snugstudio, $31.32)
6 | Love these minimalistic yet cute picture frames that look a lot like magnifying glasses or hand mirrors but are most certainly not (StudioOrijin, $58.10)

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1 comment on "ETSY MIX of the week"
  1. Η κρεμαστα και το ξυλινο συννεφο κοπής ειναι τελεια!