Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Weekend

Eclectic living room via Elle Decor Uk

● This scarf. Wow.
● Oh, please take me there for a weekend of pure bliss.
● Creative iphone photography.
● Not feeling well today? Here are 5 things you can do to change that.
● Pretty stoneware cups to display on your open kitchen shelves.
Flowerworks just like fireworks.
● I'll be trying this risotto tomorrow. I'm sure it'll taste as good as it looks.
● Now, these are some really cool down to earth dolls.
● Beautiful minimalistic mailbox.
● Struggling with the art of photography? Check out these tips by the pros.

Last week: Dark blue details in the bedroom.
Last week: Open kitchen shelving inspiration.
Back on 2014: Lighting fixtures for 4 bedroom styles.
Back on 2013: Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia.

Happy weekend, friends!

Join the fun

Image via Elle Decor Uk via here.

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