Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Weekend

Scandinavian bedroom | Image by Anne Djupvik Andersen via nibHJEMME

● Most amazing hotel room.
29 things to remember for the new year.
● Love this pipe storage idea.
● Pretty kitchen renovation.
● Gorgeous tan leather clutch.
● Masterminds and their daily schedule.
● Hilarious awkward dating card.
Living by pinterest for a week.
● This tiny trailer house makes me dream of super romantic getaways.
● Do you suffer from winter blues? This is for you.

Last week: The bright happy home of Jenni Li and family.
Last week: New Year working inspiration.
Back on 2014: Turquoise accents in the kitchen.
Back on 2013: Stunning country house in rural Spain.

Happy weekend, friends!

Join the fun

Image by Anne Djupvik Andersen via nibHJEMME.

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