MOOD 05_15

Friday, January 30, 2015
MOOD 05_15

Today, I'm feeling like..

A Peace Treaty
..wearing soft casual layers

Bedroom at the Cross Street Project by C+M Studio. Photo by Caroline McCredie via Est Magazine
..resting in this fresh and inspiringly crisp bedroom

Mons Klint photo by Tin Nguyen
..traveling to distant shores and whimsical surroundings

Layered Chocolate Cake with Blueberries and Coconut Whipped Cream recipe by The Smoothie Lover
..indulging in this rich chocolate, coconut and blueberries cake

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3 comments on "MOOD 05_15"
  1. beautiful all your pictures <3


  2. Αααα μα τι γλυκό ειναι αυτό!

  3. Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

    The Office Stylist