Black and white bathrooms

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Black and white bathrooms | My Paradissi

Not like that I don't have a million things to deal with right now, but, as it seems, this is the right (say only) feasible time to update our bathroom. Taking a short vacation away from home after our wedding, sounds like the only possible dates to have workers at home and no functional bathroom whatsoever. I'm thinking of a minimal black and white approach, with white tiles on the walls, a black floor, brass fixtures (or maybe chrome, not sure about that yet) and natural details like rattan baskets and wooden stools. Here are some bathrooms that inspire me tons.

ETSY MIX of the week

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | Love the hand lettering - geometric print concept of this card. Simple yet totally charming (penandpeplum, $5.29)
2 | Super impressive cuff with Tibetan quartz on ends. Can't imagine of a more eclectic jewelry to wear on those summer parties (theresekuempel, $44)
3 | I'm on the lookout for wedding rings these days. This one got B's attention instantly. I can definitely see why (thebeadgirl, $1,050)
4 | One needs soft and breezy outfits to beat the summer heat. These delicate cotton shorts look absolutely gorgeous to wear at home (ArchmindLace, $38)
5 | How cute is this succulent planter? You can find it in all sorts of pastels too, although this peachy pink is my fave (ebenotti, $22)
6 | Love the nude hue of this bag and the leather looks so soft to the touch. Perfect addition to an early fall wardrobe (LadyBirdesign, $330)

P.s. These products are part of my latest Etsy treasury list. See the rest of my favorites here.

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Open kitchen shelving

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Open kitchen shelving | Mark Eden Schooley via Lonny
Open kitchen shelving | mizmaggieb

There is something about open kitchen shelving that is always inspiring. Like taking a sneak peek inside someone's cabinets, admiring their collections. Love the rustic/vintage touches on the above shots and the clear glass/white mix. See more open shelving inspiration here, here and here.

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Image credits:
1.Mark Eden Schooley via Lonny, 2.mizmaggieb

The Weekend

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Hammock at tropical turquoise beach | Constance Moofushi Resort, Maldives via Vacation Idea

● Anyone for a delicious apricot and basil panna cotta? Thought so, see the recipe here.
● Love this idea as a date night. Please take me to Italy..
● Looking for a pretty chic dress to wear at summer parties? Totally love this one.
●A thorough post on bloggers who monetize their blogs by the queen of decor blogs, Holly Becker, based on an inspiring comment left by her husband for a sceptic reader. 
Remember the 90ies? Not so long ago, but light years away.
● A really cool tumblr blog I came across recently.
● Beautiful round rope basket to utilise at home.
● The amazing patterns created when you look at earth from high above. Awesome!
● Love these funny gifs by Matteo Berton of Del Cambio Restaurant for Agency 515. Really, I can just stare at them for hours!
● How gorgeous is this oil bottle? Want it!

Last week: Inspired by this fresh and crisp white kitchen.
Last week: Have you heard the news?
Back on 2013: The coziest beds ever.
Back on 2012: Stunning Hotel Son Bernadinet in Mallorca.

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via Vacation Idea.

An announcement

Friday, July 25, 2014
Synchronized Swimmers by Jeannie Phan

I've been meaning to write this post for a few days now (or maybe weeks) but, as it seems from my on going procrastination, I feel a bit shy talking about myself and my personals. However, I just can't do by share my news with you, friends ;) After all we spend all that time together and to me, you are, without exaggeration, a sort of an extended family. Things are totally exciting and life changing around here the past months, and most of you might have already noticed an undeliberate lack in posting during this period.
So, here's the deal; I'm 3 months pregnant and, boy, isn't it an experience that soaks up all your mind and energy. At least for the first months, as they say. Things are going totally smooth so far, no dizziness and such, thank god, but still I just can't seem to get enough sleep. Now, you'll most probably find me on my sofa, daydreaming of my coming baby, filled with the utter anticipation of becoming a mother.
And, to make things even more thrilling, B. and I are getting married in September :) This means that, on top of the above, we deal with all those wedding preparations and decisions that have to be made in a pretty short time. Lots of the things to be used in our wedding are going to be handmade. My mom is helping as tons through this (thanks mom!) and has already crafted most of our wedding favors, decorative and desserts.  
I hope you do excuse my of my on and off presence for the next coming weeks, as well. I promise, I do my best to have My Paradissi on top of my priorities and keep you company here on the blog and on my social media as much as I can. Thanks for being around on a such amazing time of my life ^^

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Illustration by Jeannie Phan.

ETSY MIX of the week

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 |  The perfect vintage industrial scissors sconce dating back from the 60ies found on Arqueologia Domestica (ArqueologiaDomestica, $203.09)
2 | Anyone feeling the same lust for striped bedding as I do? This handmade set of stonewashed natural linen by House of Baltic Linen looks too cushy and crisp to miss (HouseofBalticLinen: queen size duvet cover, $212.05 - pillowcase, $33.73+)
3 | Huge safety pins? Yes, please! So many ways one can utilise those, apart from solely decorative ones of course (ohalbatross, $12)
4 | Not sure I could actually sport this gorgeous macrame dress but I totally love its form and style. I would, on that matter, hang it as an amazing statement piece on my wall in my bedroom (AtelierKliko, $1,727)
5 | I'm kind of terrified of the idea of a temporary mark on my body but I totally dig pretty and smart tattoos when I see them. Having said that, I'd love to try these temporary fern tattoos by Victoria Foster (VictoriasAviary, $21.05)
6 | How cute is this little tree trunk chalkboard? Perfect rustic touch in a kitchen or home office (OliveManna, $38)

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THE ROOM: Fresh bright kitchen

Monday, July 21, 2014
THE ROOM: Fresh bright kitchen by Holly Mathis | My Paradissi

I'm not sure it is about size anymore or the amount of daylight that enters the window. I'm talking about my super tiny kitchen with the rear window that lets almost no light in (and a room with no sunlight in super sunny Crete is an awkward room indeed). I can come to terms with its small size and total lack of a decent countertop. After all, there are tons of tricks and organizing solutions one can utilise to their own benefit so that even the smallest of space can actually work out. But with light, there are not so many things one can really do. Of course, there is the artificial light (electricity, hurray!) but that is mostly for functional purposes and does not by any means add the warmth and positive energy our sun has.
Having said that, I totally fell for Holly Mathis' all white transitional kitchen I came across lately. It's not that it is brimming with openings and such but, boy, isn't that kitchen so bright? I love it! It is crisp, classy and a total cutie. Sporting white subway tiles on walls and black and white checkers floor, it just had me at hello. Combining open shelving with closed cabinetry proves that function and style can work together. What I love the most, however, are all those pretty details that Holly incorporated into the space that add that extra personality and eclectic vibe. Check the textures; the bamboo blind, the rattan jugs and the aged pottery. Then, notice the delicate pops of color coming from fresh flowers and edibles alone. Such a great contradiction to the all white canvas of the room. What is not to love really? What do you think? Is it just me or this kitchen is a charmer?

THE ROOM: Fresh bright kitchen by Holly Mathis | My Paradissi
THE ROOM: Fresh bright kitchen by Holly Mathis | My Paradissi

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Scandinavian porch
Vegan oreos with homemade coconut buttercream recipe | Adventures in cooking

..spending serene moments in a cozy, shady porch with cushy seating, dipping vegan oreos with homemade coconut buttercream into cold milk, one after another.

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The Weekend

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Small beach cabin | Image via Sköna Hem

● One of the most inspiring home renovations I came across lately. Check out the whole blog; it is full of photos, how tos and ideas.
● Looking for some pillows for your outdoor space? One Kings Lane has a gorgeous not to be missed collection on sale!
● Dream italian cottage in my favorite modern rustic design by Alexander Waterworth.
● Do you add syrup to your coffee? I don't, but these I'm most definitely eager to try.
● Interesting; 9 things rich people do differently everyday. 
● I got a few of you asking about this lace dress I posted some weeks ago. This vintage one looks very alike and is probably on a (far) better price tag than the Valentino one.
● The coolest cooler diy for some really cool picnic excursions.
● The older I get the more I appreciate having less stuff getting in my way. This post is a brilliant minimalistic approach on a minimalist way of living.
● A great guide if you are considering to start your own blog.
Simplicity goes all the way when sending the message.

Last week: From turquoise to teal and blue; we love to love these hues.
Last week: Nautical inspired staircases for your beach home (and not only).
Back on 2013: Open kitchen shelving ideas for the kitchen.
Back on 2012: Inspired by understated scandi.

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via Sköna Hem via here.

Nautical inspired staircases

Friday, July 18, 2014
Nautical inspired staircases | Photo by Elizabeth Watsky via Remodelista
Nautical inspired staircases | Design by 51N4E, photo by Ake Lindman

Here are two pretty ideas to use in your beach home (or make your humble abode look like one, if you happen to not have a beach home obviously). All that it takes are two buckets of paint, one white and one blue. In the first case, the owners painted nautical stripes in the center of the staircase that follow along all its length. Looks so crisp and clean and actually feels like being on a boat. Check the brass pipe handrail detail. Awesome! The second photo is more playful and a bit of a surprise as it is coming from a house you wouldn't believe it is the same that sports this shabby coastal staircase (as a matter of fact, check out the rest of it here). The staircase is divided into two parts, originally with a door, and now with the distinction of the two contrasting shades. And once again, god is in the details; the art piece hung on the far wall adds up a million to the design. What are your thoughts on the above ideas? Which one is your favorite?

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Image credits:
1.Photo by Elizabeth Watsky via Remodelista2.Design by 51N4E, photo by Ake Lindman

ETSY MIX of the week

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | In the Gallant & Jones etsy store you'll find all sorts of fancy patterned to simple striped deck chairs, although my pick for this list is a subtle juicy pink hue (gallantandjones, $294.74)
2 | Thinking about skipping the closet and hang your outfits in plain sight? Check out this stunning sleek gold hanging clothes rack by Avélére (AvelereDesign, $79.95)
3 | My dream since a little girl; sport a glam tulle skirt like this one (Sophiaclothing, $119.99)
4 | Love the simplicity of this round wooden tray (thevintagevoguestory, $32+)
5 | Knuckle rings seem to be a massive trend these days. Do you have one (or a few to ask correctly)? Love this rose gold one by Knobbly Studio (knobbly, $40)
6 | One can never have too many kitchen towels. The abstract ink patterns of these ones by Swift Textiles are a great add to your collection (Swiftextiles, $29.21 for a set of 2)

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From turquoise to teal and blue

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
From turquoise to teal and blue| photo of infinity pool in Mykonos via Travel2Greece).
Let's talk about our favorite color today (photo of infinity pool in Mykonos via Travel2Greece).

It is quite possibly the most talked about hue in this blog. Blue, light blue, turquoise, teal, seafoam and all the inbetween, you name it, we love it. And the good thing is, that they all look equally gorgeous inside the home as they do in their natural environment (check sky and the sea). When I decorated my home, some years ago, I had no second thoughts on what to paint my bedroom walls. I wanted a shade that would be equally soothing and exciting. The deep turquoise hue I picked was a hit. It still feels like I'm floating inside a pool of relaxation when I lay down to have a midday nap. As a matter of fact, in this post I'm sharing with you mostly bedrooms. No coincidence here; the cool shades of blue fit like a glove with the needs of such a room. Not that it looks bad in the following bathroom, or hall, or even as accent touches in these kitchens I posted a while ago. Dive into this pool of blue inspiration, after the jump. Enjoy :)

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, July 13, 2014
Industrial rustic kitchen via Elle Interiör
Strawberry Streusel Skillet Sweet Bread | Seasons and Suppers

..preparing a delicious strawberry streusel skillet sweet bread in this fancy little industrial kitchen.

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The Weekend

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Turquoise infinity pool at Shangri-La Villingili villa in Maldives

● Are you renting this summer? Then you should definitely check out this list by Remodelista.
● This diy after sun lotion recipe looks like bliss (and I bet it smells like heaven too!)
● Ok, this mobile lamp is totally awesome.
● Being in a state of renovating my apartment soon, I totally empathized with this article. After all, I am 30 (and a little more for that matter ;)
● That's interesting; the same woman is photoshopped from various people around the world and the results are worth noting (OMG US!)
● A summer favorite accessory to take with me at the beach.
● We eat a lot of souvlaki around here (obviously) but, if I went to San Francisco one day, I'd love to pay a visit to Souvla for some more.
This reminds me of the cardboard models we made at university. Only this one works as a table lamp too. Cool!
●Love how small yet smartly designed is this kitchen. Some great ideas for small kitchen owners.

Last week: Starting the week with a lustworthy summer home..
● Last week: .. only to end it with a (imaginary) backyard dinner party. Oh, summer!
Back on 2013: These bed mosquito nets will make you feel like a countryside princess.
Back on 2012: It is always about pools, every summer, so much temptation.

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Top image via Vacation Idea.

Colorful backyard dinner party

Friday, July 11, 2014
Colorful backyard dinner party | Photo by Jacqui Getty via Lonny.

So, it is Friday today and plans are on the table for the coming weekend, right? What are yours? I'm all for work these next days, no relaxing for me. But, in a parallel universe (where my home would actually have an outdoor space) I'd throw a fun dinner party for a few friends. Inspired by the setting in the photo above, it would be all about color and coziness. Pillows, throws, string lights and all cutie and fancy tableware. So, here is my shopping list for the day. Would you pick anything from this list? Please, my dear followers, do me a favor and go have a gorgeous weekend and, if you throw a fun outdoor party, do send some photos over to make me dream :)

Colorful backyard dinner party | Shopping list by My Paradissi

Shop this collection: 1.Gold dot napkin (Furbish Studio, $10), 2.Blocks bowl small (Gretel, $69), 3.Colored wine glass (Zara Home, $3.90), 4.Mini plate (H&M, $3.95), 5.Tropical pineapple tealight holder (Zara Home, $14.90), 6.Panchoy table runner (Furbish Studio, $98), 7.Safi ceramic plate (Baba Souk, $24CAD), 8.Patterned seat cushion (H&M, $9.95), 9.Rainbow fringe garland (Furbish Studio, $22)

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Photo by Jacqui Getty via Lonny.

THE ROOM: Pan and pot kitchen

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Pan and pot kitchen. Image by Brittany Ambridge.

Well, this post is not about that kitchen in total (while it is a charmer, I admit), but for a specific accent of it. Yes, that's right. The incredible collection of brass and iron pots and pans hanging over the countertop in a neat display. I'm completely envious of them; how can I not be? My prettiest pan is good enough to stay inside the drawer and cook me meals alone. These pans, on the other side, are more of an artful collection than everyday practical objects (which I'm pretty sure they are indeed of use around there- yet to clean and shiny to disclose their whereabouts). What do you think? Are you with me or prefer your kitchenware to be kept out of sight?

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Refreshing pools

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Refreshing pools | Image by Salva López
Refreshing pools | Image via Sips and Spoonfuls

To me, My Paradissi is always a pool of inspiration, a place to virtually dive in and refresh. Especially on totally hectic days, like today. Hope you feel the same when visiting this little blog :) At least, let your imagination wander around these incredible pools above. How appropriate to spend a few days hidden there! xoxo

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Image credits:

ETSY MIX of the week

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | Swooning over this cushy watercolor pillow cover. It's blue edition is really cool too! (toucheefeelee1, $37)
2 | Every girl should sport a leather purse this summer. This cutie looks just about right. (smallqueue, $89)
3 | I so want these totally gorgeous uneven black ceramic dinnerware with the natural trimming. Sold as bowl and plate set (lauriegceramics, $44)
4 | Cacti feel so much like summer. I like the random hand printing of this towel. Pattern comes in green or coral on unbleached cotton (confettiriotshop, $16)
5 | Terra cotta is probably one of my favorite materials and this vase is too simple and sweet not to include in this list (86home, $58)
6 | Hey, yoga lovers, how do you carry your mat around? This leather sling looks really pretty, don't you think? (HideAndTrue, $60+)

P.s. Don't forget you can find more of my favorite products on my page on Etsy!

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Summer house in Formentera

Monday, July 7, 2014
Summer house in Formentera via El Mueble | My Paradissi

Happy new week, friends! I know some of you lucky ones come straight out of a holiday weekend (hope you've had a great time!) while others, like me, spend most of the time working (and guessing how all those damn hours pass by without even noticing..). There are a lot of things going on lately over here, great new things, which I will talk about a bit later on (if you follow me on instagram then you probably got a fair idea ;) and I kind of feel like a juggler trying to balance everything out. Anyway,  let's get down to our paradise things, shall we? 
Now, if I had some free days to unwind and relax, I would love to do so in a mediterranean villa like this one. Beautiful outdoors and mediterranean gardens with abundant greenery, shadows and sea views, stucco, stone and woods, interior and exterior levels and nooks and that overall serene attitude of relaxation and vacation. Count me wrong; I need more than a few days. Like, a good internet connection, my mac and my man and I will happily stay there till the first autumn rains to come!

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, July 6, 2014
Pool at Tigmi hotel in Marrakech Morocco
Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream recipe | Minimalist baker

..chilling out with a few balls of this vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream by a moroccan pool in an almost sepia serene environment.

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10 BEST: Swing arm wall lamps for the bedroom

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Swing arm wall lamps for the bedroom | Photo by Ali Harper via Oncewed.
Photo by Ali Harper via Oncewed.

A few months ago, I posted about how cool and practical swing arm wall sconces are over the countertop inside the kitchen. The thing is that those smarty creations are a hit all around the house. Mounted on the wall leave the floor or table space free but they still have an enormous flexibility to move around and adjust to your needs. So, today's post is mostly focused on the bedroom. Not that my shopping picks can easily fit in any other room, but I'm positive they'll look totally gorgeous on bed sides, over the nightstands or the headboard. The side tables in my bedroom are a tad smaller than usual and when a table lamp is placed atop there is practical no space to place anything else. I am considering that two sconces that can be moved up and down and/or rotated would be a great substitute to any lamp on the table. Bring it close to read a book or turn it towards the wall for a more ambient result. How about you? Do you have or consider getting swing arm wall sconces for your bedroom?

Swing arm wall lamps for the bedroom | Bedroom styling and photo by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle.
Bedroom styling and photo by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle.
10 BEST: Swing arm wall lamps for the bedroom | My Paradissi

Shop this collection: 1.Flynn single wall sconce (Serena&Lily, $195), 2.Swing light in army green (One Kings Lane, $125), 3.Factory wall sconce (West Elm, $129), 4.Black copper wall sconce (One Kings Lane, $59), 5.Short arm Isaac sconce (Schoolhouse Electric, $98), 6.Morgan black sconce (Crate&Barrel, $179), 7.White metal accordion wall light (French Connection, £125), 8.House Doctor wall lamp (Lefliving, €144.95), 9.Newport swing arm wall lamp (Wayfair, $482), 10.Monroe swing arm wall lamp (Wayfair, $590)

Swing arm wall lamps for the bedroom | Photo via Elle Deco via here.
Photo via Elle Deco via here.

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THE ROOM: Industrial bathroom

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
THE ROOM: Industrial bathroom. Image by Camilla Stephen via Bolig

Is it just me or is this bathroom totally gorgeous? So many elements bind together to create a sophisticated industrial space that looks equally practical and pretty! To make things more clear, I've put down those exact things that play a primary role or just add up to the design of the room, in a styleboard below. Take for example, the romantic clawfoot tub with the pharmacist bath mat, a totally successful mix&match! Or, the two tone wall. Love the impact it makes and is so simple to reproduce at home. What do you think? What aspects of the room you like the most?

THE ROOM: Industrial bathroom styleboard | My Paradissi
THE ROOM: Industrial bathroom. Image by Camilla Stephen via Bolig

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Photos by Camilla Stephen via Bolig.