Style guide: 50% coastal

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
50% coastal, 20% country, 15% sophisticated and 15% casual style guide | My Paradissi

These past days I keep having some style thoughts wandering around my mind. I'm an interior designer and I keep looking/sourcing/designing interiors. Fact. But, by definition, style is something more broad and whole and affects almost all aspects of life, right? I love art and graphic design and occasionally share some of my finds on this blog. On the past few months I went one step further and added some delicious recipes on my Sunday bliss series. Now, starting on yesterday's post I feel I have some fashion gaps I need to fill as well. What I mean to say here is that you can have one style interpreted in all creative fields and when you put all the variables on the table, the moodboard created is something way more powerful than when showcasing one single part (like interior design for that matter). Today's post is an experiment. I'm dealing with a style and find examples in interiors, fashion, graphic design, cooking and art to express it. This particular style is a mix of many. As you can see from the top image, today's moodboard consists of a mix of 50% coastal, 20% country, 15% sophisticated and 15% casual style. The idea of such a mix came from a really inspiring post written by Brittany of A House That Lars Built (you should definitely read it!) on how to identify your own style. To tell you the truth, this post gave me some chills, like a real creative project ought to do. It was so fun finding the connecting line to all these photos! What do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback ^^

ETSY MIX: Pre-summer vacation

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
ETSY MIX: Pre-summer vacation | My Paradissi

As I'm counting down the days till I my visit to one of the prettiest boutique hotels in Greece I can't help myself but absorbing tons of inspiration stylewise. I have to admit I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to fashion. I know the good thing when I see it but chances are that the outfits I pick for myself are not that successful. Taken from interior design, I know it takes long hours of inspirational courses and painful trials and errors to make things work. Which, obviously, I don't do ;) But, what the ehem, maybe this is the time to start over. Etsy is brimming with stunning things to wear, from creative handmade to amazing vintage, and is definitely one of the best places to find unique pieces to stand out of the crowd. So, what do you think of my picks? Would they take me to Mykonos in a decent fashion?

Shop this collection: 1.Handmade weave straw bag (FashionZone2013, $29.90), 2.Simbel black rope necklace (TrincarUvas, $45), 3.Wooed Francis wooden sunglasses (WOOED, $295), 4.Tribal high waisted bottoms (MimiHammer, $60), 5.Langkawi deck chair (gallantandjones, $312.70), 6.Hermes winged leather sandals (LoveFromCyprus, $78.29) 

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Tiny attic apartment in Paris

Monday, April 28, 2014
Tiny attic apartment in Paris by Marianne Evennou

I'm starting this new week with a dilemma; would you rather live in large spacious home in a whatever boring city or inside a really tiny apartment in Paris? I have a hunch that most of you will choose the second option. There is some undeniable love affair going on in the blogosphere with this impeccable european city, that most of you would rather get crammed in a small space in order to be able enjoy the Parisian air entering the petite windows. Thankfully, today's home is not exactly this case. Tiny, yes, but totally cozy, practical and adorable. This apartment, designed by Marianne Evennou, is situated up on a small parisian attic and is totally lust worthy. Marianne did an amazing job almost doubling the useful space by adding internal levels with loft beds and extra storage right about every nook and corner of this 25sq.m. apartment. There's even a large home office you can work from. Love all the details that add character to the space; the patterned floor tiles, the stripy drapes that hide away the closet and shelving, the wooden ladder and gray geometric stairs that lead to the loft beds and the actual loft beds for that matter. Every single item seems so well oriented that the whole space, despite its extra small size, looks totally balanced and functional. If you ask me, I would most definitely pick this attic apartment in Paris among dozens of other large scale homes ^^

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, April 27, 2014
Ethnic inspired outdoor space. Photo by Roger Davies
Crab, Apple + Avocado Verrine recipe by Sunday Suppers

..enjoying a gourmet invigorating crab, apple and avocado verrine in an ethnic inspired outdoor space with thick vegetation, built in benches with cushy pillows and loads of moroccan lanterns.

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Weekend goody bag

Saturday, April 26, 2014
DIY: How To Wrap a Furoshiki Cloth | RemodelistaAlabaster White Mug | ssamnicholsÀ la Plage |Gray Malin
Tramuntana Hotel, Spain | The Style FilesSea salt topped oat peanut butter cookies. GF. Vegan. | knead to cookWhite Pout Dress | threelittleducksaust
COOKING secrets - letterpress printed notebook | ARMINHO25 DIY Projects for Small Bedrooms | Apartment TherapyWhite cube, an inspiring hideaway in Palma | Stil Inspiration
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Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Quote by Groucho Marx.
happy weekend

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TREND: Large scale wall art

Friday, April 25, 2014
DECOR TREND: Large scale wall art | My Paradissi

I don't know what’s with me lately but I just have this need to hang big, flashy things on the walls. And I mean big. Really big. Like wall wide big. Like this photo wall mural I used in my latest interior design project. While photo murals are one radical way to dress up a wall (quite often on a budget) , art is whole different story. When I come across interiors with large scale art prints and paintings on the walls I just pause for a moment. And awe. The feeling of being in a place where art rules is truly unexplainable. It’s like having a symphonic orchestra playing for you. Well, a small art print or two can easily be compared with a favorite song you love to listen and sing along but an oversized artwork is indeed like dozens of violins, trumpets and pianos performing the tune of your life right inside your home. Extra large paintings can be a bit pricey to possess but I find buying one is a really great investment for your house and your soul. Even if your furniture are ikea or thrifted, even if you miss that extra armchair or side table to complete your home decoration, a statement art print will steal the show and uplift your home decor just like that. Have a look at the following photos to see what I'm talking about.

Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki

Oh, it's been a while since my last post about Crete! I'm so glad I had an excuse to grab my camera the other day and stroll around my favorite spot in the city, the old port of Heraklion. The evening was so peaceful and serene, the weather was warm with a subtle wind blowing from the south (south in Crete means the sahara desert and a southern wind actually means a really warm to hot weather). Even the sea was so calm it looked like solid. In the old port lays the old venetian fort of Koules and from there on extends and 5km long jetty, the perfect place to walk, jog or bicycle and let the troubles sail away. B and I grabbed a couple of cold beers and sat on its wall to enjoy the endless blue view until it was dark enough to tell the sea from the sky. I hope I can pass on to you some of the serenity of the evening through these images. If you ever visit Heraklion, let this walk be among your plans :)

Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Around Crete: The old port of Heraklion | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki

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My home, my paradise #7

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
My home, my paradise #7 | My Paradissi

It's been a while since my last dream home post and I kind of need a fresh space to welcome the warmer weather these days. So, since a new place ain't gonna happen soon, let's pretend I'm living in this imaginary one. It is a clean, vibrant home with open spaces, wooden floors and white walls, lots of natural elements and global influences and a stunning terrace with a breathtaking sea view. In it, there will definitely be..

ETSY MIX: Starfish sorbet

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
ETSY MIX: Starfish sorbet | My Paradissi

Who's in for a juicy sorbet? I always start getting into summer mode right after the Easter holidays and today's 32oC weather got me craving for sweet and cool delicacies. To eat and to decorate, of course. I fell head over heels for this amazing plate that suits my mood And, I might just follow this cutie bunny for a swim ;) Will you join me? xoxo

Shop this collection: 1.Pina Colada plate (lamalconttenta, $35.43), 2.Black marbled hanging planter (LeahBall, $80), 3.Leather bunny brooch (RachelaPiras, $13.46), 4.Starfish in yellow (CoconutBeech, $4.50), 5.Gray and peach hand knitted cushion (hjartslag, $42), 6.Swimmer bunny with a float (sweetbestiary, $56.96)

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Coastal cabin home, South Africa

Monday, April 21, 2014
Coastal cabin home, South Africa | My Paradissi

How was your Easter weekend, friends? I hope you've had tons of fun and relaxation. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted, with a strong wish to prolong the festive days a bit more. There were simply not enough ha. I’d like a few more days under the olive trees, in the serenity of my village, with all the friends and family that put a big smile on my face. That ain't happening though; on the contrary, a big, really demanding week is opening ahead. The only thing that keeps me from nagging is the quality of work that’s been waiting for me. A couple of decorating projects for some really pretty rooms, a magazine article for my beloved Crete (I'll tell you more on that soon) and my sweet little blog I've been neglecting these past few days. So, while I start ticking these off my list, I'd like to share with you this coastal cabin in False Bay (that’s in South Africa) which is like the second place I'd like to be now (if not back in my village). Love the blue white simplicity but mostly I adore the view. Obviously. Who wouldn’t?! 

Easter bliss is..

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Easter bliss is..relaxing in the arms of your love
 ..relaxing in the arms of your love

Easter bliss is..cozy sunlit spaces
..cozy sunlit spaces

Easter bliss is..gatherings in the open
 ..gatherings in the open

Easter bliss is..beautiful outdoors
..beautiful outdoors 

Easter bliss is..crispy juicy roast lamb
 ..crispy juicy roast lamb

Easter bliss is..sweet tsoureki bread with nutella on top (nasty)
..sweet tsoureki bread with nutella on top (nasty)

..and music. Soul lifting music.

Happy Easter, my friends! Wish you a gorgeous one! 

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Tiny studio apartment decoration

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki

How can a 11'x11' studio (that's approx 3.50x3.50m) get all cozy and vibrant? Here’s my take on this tiny apartment in Harlem. The owner, a young, creative lady (she's a wedding and floral designer), wanted something fresh and bright, with pops of color and quite affordable to put together. 

I knew I wanted to somehow add more space into that space so I was ecstatic when she agreed on my initial proposal to dress one wall with a big forest photo mural! It was something I've been meaning to try a long time now, photo murals used to be something so passé (almost vintage if I may say) but they have sort of comeback these days. I guess in that helped the evolution of technology and high res printing on larger surfaces. Anyway, I must admit I was thrilled by the result. What do you think? It gives depth and perspective in this tiny space and, along with that, adds a natural tone to the decor (that most definitely ain't happening from the dull city view of the windows). 

Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki

With the large photo mural stealing the show, I kept the rest of the decoration plain, in neutral, mostly white, shades, with colorful touches coming through the accessories and photos on the walls (the owner is an avid traveler and has a great collection of photos from her trips). As you might recognise, most of the furniture are from IKEA as I wanted to keep the budget to a minimum. Although the space is really tight, we managed to fit a chaise loveseat for extra comfort. Due to the space limitations here are furniture on casters, like the coffee table serving as media console, the kitchen cart parked by the fridge when she's not cooking, and the folding dining table that is mounted on the wall and can be put away when not needed. Also, the teal lidded ottomans, serve as accent tables and seating (remember this post?) plus open to some extra storage.

Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki
Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki

All these happened through the Decorilla e-decorating platform, where I'm really excited to be a part of for the past couple of months. If you would like to design a room online with professional interior designer at a fraction of a cost, this is the right place to visit ;)

So, what do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback on this project!

Tiny studio apartment decoration | My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki

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3d renderings by Eleni Psyllaki.

Mother's day gift guide

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Mother's day gift guide | My Paradissi

Did you realize there are only a few weeks left till we celebrate mother’s day? I remember how we used to make little handmade gifts at school or pick a bouquet of fresh flowers on the way home to surprise my mom when I was a little kid. Somehow, this day felt so special back then. As years went by and adulthood knocked on the door, Mother’s day simply didn't matter that much. Well, I guess there were so many other things in my mind to spend even a moment thinking about it. Only now that I want to have kids of my own do I appreciate how important this day is. To the women that bring life to this world; to the whole world itself. I’m not sure if it is a coincidence that Mother’s day is celebrated during a nature birth giving month like May but the allegory is just too obvious anyway. So this year I'm going to remember my old traditions. I’m picking a gift for my mom but not just a pretty nifty thing. I know my mom would value a gift coming from a store that doesn't harm the animals and the environment and respects its workers at the same time, so you'll spot a couple picks I chose from favorite Uncommon Goods in this list. Also, she loves nature, she adores recycled and handmade stuff and has a great deal of humor. I hope this list inspires you as well. Would you pick anything from the above?

Shop this collection: 1.Two-sie mug (Rennes, $36), 2.Petite perspective terrarium (Uncommon Goods, $125), 3.'Their search was finally over' giclee print (Etsy, $45), 4.Teak tree plate (Calypso St. Barth, $75), 5.Small stoneware pot (Plümo, $23.18), 6.Cotton pojagi throw (Toast, £215), 7.Freya handwoven cushion (Hunt&Bow, $130), 8.Mango wood cross board (Lef Living, 8.95), 9.Succulent living plant wall kit (Uncommon Goods, $100), 10.Tonga basket (Baskets of Africa, $23.50)

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