Monday, March 31, 2014

PORTFOLIO: Lauren Liess Interiors

Lauren Liess Interior Designer

I spent way too many hours browsing through Lauren Liess' portfolio. And I just kept visiting every single day this past week. Why? Simply because her interiors made me feel at home. It is this mix of chic and well performed design with the casual lived ambience that makes me weak on the knees. As a designer myself, this is the exact feeling I like to accomplish in my designs too. Effortless, easy going, cozy, welcoming and with a personality. Lauren does that by mixing patterns and textures, playing with scale and creating nooks and zones of function. I'm sure these following homes would look even better in real life, with the sunrays sneaking through the windows, the soft touch of the high quality linens on the cushy furniture and the smell of the fresh flowers and greenery scattered around the place. If I had only one word to describe her word that would be spring. Quite appropriate for these days, don't you agree?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday bliss is..

Outdoor area with dining table designed by Tino Zervundachi. Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg via The World of Interiors Magazine November 2013.
Pear, Pancetta, and Feta Salad with Pomegranate Molasses Dressing recipe. Via Traditional Home. Photo by Colleen Duffley

..enjoying a pear, pancetta, and feta salad with pomegranate molasses dressing under the straw pergola of a pretty country yard, feeling the warmth of a mid spring sun on the cheeks.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY: Egg planters

6  diy egg planters for the Easter

Just keeping on with my current love of fancy creative planters (remember these and all these), I thought I'd share with you a few more today, this time inspired by the forthcoming Easter holiday. Cute little emptied eggshells turned into nifty planters seems to be trending throughout the blogosphere as it is a considerably easy and extremely pretty diy for one to try out. I was smitten by all these ideas, I mean, I'd more than love to get my hands dirty and craft a few of them!

Find the tutorials here: Mini egg landscapes via My So Called Crafty Life | Egg centerpieces via Papery and Cakery | Egg grass planters via Home Shoppe | Decorative egg planters via BHG | Egg planters place card holders via For The Love Of | Egg garden via Sugar&dinosaurs

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Neo rustic bedroom shopping ideas

Shopping ideas for a neo rustic bedroom | My Paradissi

Inspired by yesterday's post, here are a few shopping suggestions to help you add a neo rustic vibe into your bedroom.

Shop this collection: 1.Kilim pillow (One Kings Lane, $45), 2.Super soft cushion (French Connection, £40), 3.Neisha Cobblestone duvet by Villa Home (Burkedecor, $68), 4. Box weave throw mahogany brown (Old Faithful Shop, $179), 5.Flax light (Couleur Locale, €220), 6.Whitewash mango table lamp (French Connection, £65), 7.Schoolhouse pendant light by Kichler (Wayfair, $182.60), 8.Pendant lamp cord in black (Old Faithful Shop, $49), 9.Tree trunk side table (French Connection, £125), 10.Rectangular engraved stool (Zara Home, $79.90), 11.Yukon small coffee table-bench (Crate&Barrel, $599), 12.Emily slipcover chair (One Kings Lane, $1,799), 13.Tonale carafe and beaker by Alessi (Wayfair, $57), 14.Glass and twine lantern set (Terrain, $12), 15.Laguna seagrass baskets (Serena&Lily, $198 for a set of 3), 16.Round jute rug (French Connection, €268)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15 amazing neo rustic bedrooms

15 amazing neo rustic bedrooms | My Paradissi

It's been a while since I did a room dedicated post, so here's a roundup of impressive neo rustic bedrooms. I've been using the term neo rustic in some of my posts (remember these bathrooms and this home?) but I'm not sure it actually exists as is. To me, a neo rustic space is a space with obvious country references interpreted in a contemporary kind of way.
So, when we talk about a classic rustic bedroom, we mostly have in mind something like this (warm, deep textured, woodsy, cabin-like, with logs and folksy references all around) whereas a neo rustic one is a more fresh and sophisticated space with a completely different  approach and overall vibes. All the bedrooms I picked for you today have an exquisite warmth emerging from a bright and usually white scene tinted with natural hues. There is the wooden factor (of course) but in decent amounts, mostly on roof beams, furniture and floors. There are also the textiles that add up to the overall warmth by adding depth, softness and in some cases sleekness too. Modern pieces of furniture, accents or decorative give a fresh tone to the space and so are more contemporary materials like concrete and stucco.
Whatever the case, I know I'd love to have a neo rustic bedroom to wake up to, preferably in my summer house somewhere in the countryside. How about you? Are you a fan of this style or not so much? Maybe the following pictures will help you decide ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ETSY MIX: Preppy florals

Preppy florals handmade collection via Etsy

This is probably the only time of the year that I drool over colorful florals. Well, who isn't? Etsy is totally crammed with pretty blooms in all sorts of patterns and shapes that make me want to dance around blossomed fields like a happy little girl. Which is exactly what I am about to do; it is a national holiday today in Greece and the sun is already too bright up in the sky for me to stay indoors ;) xoxo

Shop this collection: 1.Secret art print (matejakovac, $22), 2.Floral heart card (PrintStitchAndPaste, $8.50 for a set of 8), 3.Roses make up clutch (GiftShopBrooklyn, $64), 4.Watermelon hair bow (Fitzberries, $8), 5.Pink felt flowers (munclefredart, $45), 6.Cute flowers art print (courtneyoquist, $18)

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Nord-Pinus Tanger Hotel, Morocco

Nord-Pinus Tanger Hotel, Morocco | My Paradissi

Traveling to Morocco once again and Nord-Pinus Tanger Hotel in Tangier. I was fascinated by the seamless combination of the exquisite moroccan aesthetics and the classic glamorous European approach in this place. Tell me wrong, but I feel that Tangier, due to its geographic position and history, is the epitome of such kind of cultural mix between the two continents. Seems that Nord-Pinus Tanger Hotel is the greatest example of this marriage, with the extended use of traditional moroccan patterns on tiles and fabrics matched with brocante and gilded finishes and colonial furniture, all that sprinkled with contemporary vibes through art and fixtures. Boy, I tell you, isn't this place a real gem? I imagine waking up in one of the high end bedrooms surrounded by all that ethnic luxury only to head to the incredible terraces with the endless sea views and the fresh salty breeze to have my coffee. Sounds like the greatest place to switch off for a couple of days and pretend to live in another, so much more glamorous, era. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday bliss is..

Backyard in California designed by Molly Wood Garden Design © Trina Roberts
Poached salmon, herb and pearl cous-cous salad recipe | Lush Loves

..tasting a poached salmon, herb and pearl cous-cous salad in a protected backyard with the besties while making plans for the coming summer.

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