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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Gaelle Le Boulicaut for Home Magazine

● This place is really cool but kind of reminds me of a cow (!)
● Although I haven't been to a gym in ages I found this post hilarious (and quite true actually!)
● Have you seen these edible scrabble pieces? I'd probably eat the pieces before I come up with new words!
● Even paintings take selfies these days.
● How to get shit done when you're totally unmotivated.
Cookie cutters for the graphic designer.
● Anyone else with a cramming mailbox issue? This article has some great points.
● Nasty Christmas card.
● Casually festive table setting ideas with lots of rustic and earthly influences.
● Beautiful wintery garland diy for the holiday.

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P.s. If you are on a gift shopping spree this weekend, don't forget to have a look at my holiday gift guides and drop by my boutique for even more handmade inspiration!

Happy weekend, friends!

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Gaelle Le Boulicaut for Home Magazine via French By Design.
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  1. danke für die bilder und inspirationen, ein schönes wochenende wünscht angie