Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Weekend

Photo by Prue Ruscoe for Inside Out

● Some really great ideas for diy lighting for the home.
● These Paris postcards will make a gorgeous gallery wall.
● Can you guess the original paintings behind these pixelated lego reproductions?
● These bed linens look so perfectly rustic.
● Learn the basics on how to set a table in this short video tutorial.
● Always eager to read about successful people's habits.
● Now it's a good time to revamp those fuzzy sweaters.
● This song made me travel.
● Tired wrists from typing? Here's a cute solution.
● Impressive retreat in the Moroccan mountains.

Last week: Sag Harbor cottage by Ash NYC.
Last week: Inspired by this neo rustic bathroom.
Back on 2013: Decorate a living room with home office.
Back on 2012: Digging these brick wall interiors.

Happy weekend, friends!

Join the fun

Photo by Prue Ruscoe for Inside Out via Desire to Inspire.


  1. Where is this picture from? It's beautiful and I'd love to see a wider shot!

    1. You can see the whole place following the link at the end of the post, Rachel!

    2. Thank you for the reply! Love your blog!


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