Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Weekend

Modern rustic bedroom in Cape Town | Photo by Elsa Young via Visi.

● Seriously cool diy for the home.
● Staying healthy during apple season.
● Are these cakes for real?!
● Do you live in a rental? Here are 10 tips to transform your bathroom.
● This halloween costume made me laugh.
● Beautiful pre-made business cards by Blank Studio.
● Fanciest organic leggings for babies.
● 25 things to get rid of before 40 (I'd say sooner).
● Just can't get any cozier.

Last week: Inspired by The Cross Design portfolio.
Last week: 5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy.
Back on 2013: Warm and cozy slippers roundup
Back on 2012: Clawfoot bathtub inspiration.

Happy weekend, friends!

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Photo by Elsa Young via Visi.

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  1. ihr schlafzimmer sieht gemütlich aus!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland


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