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ETSY SPOTLIGHT: Nafsika Handmade Jewelry | My Paradissi

Do you also believe that jewelry, along with fashion, follow the changes of the seasons? Like, cushy knitted sweaters call for colder days, so are unrefined, rustic inspired jewelry pieces. Although, obviously, a ring or a necklace can be worn throughout the year (as opposed to the sweater ;) the collection of Nafsika's creations had me craving for crackling fire and misty strolls at the woods. From the animal pendants, just like popping out of a whimsical forest to her twig rings her shop screams nature and earth. For the introduction, Nafsika is a greek gal, living in Athens, that has turned her jewelry making hobby into a successful business. I'm delighted to have her answer some questions for us to get to know her and her work better. Read more after the jump!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, I am Nafsika. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, named after a heroine of Odyssey. I talk loud, laugh hard and cry easily. I love animals (especially cats), nature and art supplies. I make jewelry.

ETSY SPOTLIGHT: Nafsika Handmade Jewelry | My Paradissi

How did you first start making jewelry and when did you realize it can also be more than a hobby for you?

In the past, I was into making assembly jewelry using beads and found objects. But then thought it would be fun if I could create a piece from scratch! I was also in desperate need of doing something creative. So I found a jewelry course that taught the lost wax technique and I was hooked on the its versatility. The irony of the matter is that I don't wear a lot of jewelry, so something had to be done with all the rings I was making and not wearing. Then, I found Etsy and thought it would be fun to give it a try just for fun. Later on, due to the financial crisis in Greece, I saw the potential my shop had and decided to really focus hard on making it work.

ETSY SPOTLIGHT: Nafsika Handmade Jewelry | My Paradissi

Do you have plans to experiment with other kinds of creations or alternative ways of jewelry making in the future?

I am always experimenting on new techniques and my mind is constantly racing over new ideas and plans. I would really love to learn more about the mokume gane technique. Unfortunately, since I also have a day job, my time is too limited to actually finish one of my projects.

What’s your favorite piece in your shop at this moment?

I really love my gemstone rings because I that people are proposing to their loved one using them! My current favorite is this clear white topaz branch ring because I really enjoy making it.

Nafsika is kindly offering all My Paradissi readers a 10% discount on her etsy store with code myparadissi. Valid until 15 November.

You can find Nafsika on her blogtumblr and facebook, as well.

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  1. Beautiful jewelry made using the lost wax method!
    (Jewelry is my passion too..)

    Great interview!
    Way to go Nafsika!

  2. Great interview! I love Nafsika's creations!