Wednesday, September 24, 2014

THE ROOM: Living room art

Living room art | Design and photo via Mark Ashby Design.

The slim blue armchair pair is pretty, the accent table is nice too. The extra large black and white framed photos on the wall are totally gorgeous, however. They are the focal point of the room, the items that add character and vibe in this space. It is incredible what a carefully selected art can do to a home and large scale art is certainly one of the most dramatic ways to transform one's interiors. Oh, and, one thing I totally love about frames, by the way, is their reflections. Seems like the easiest way to add a bit more depth and shine in a space without actually using a mirror. Don't you agree?

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Design and photo via Mark Ashby Design.


  1. yes i TOTALLY agree! I'm obsessed with large scale art. I have a very large christian chaize in my dining room. Love this room.

    1. Oh, really? Lucky you! I love Christian Chaise o.O

  2. Agreed. Large scale photos definitely create most impact and statement. It is extremely modern and sexy.


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