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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 |  Black and white grid is all about everywhere these days, I don't see a reason why not use it to wrap presents in style too (SketchInc, $2.91)
2 | It's all in the details and this black bare bulb pendant is definitely not your average one (studioPGRB, $295)
3 | Really cool espresso shots that resemble the authentic ones you find in typical italian osterias (MONDOCUBO, $26.58)
4 | Pure white looks so elegant with the first crisp fall days. Love this delicate knitted silk dress (CodeTricot, $252.49)
5 | This seemingly fabric yet porcelain flower pocket is such pretty and unusual way to bring some greens indoors (OVOceramics, $24)
6 | Just love how simple and practical these handmade accent tables look (BPistorius, $518.27)

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