Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wedding break

Mr and Mrs wedding chairs. Photo by Jose Villa via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Today is the last day of summer. Today is also the last Sunday of my life as a single lady! I just can't believe how time went by so so quickly but, it actually is happening, we're getting married next Sunday! This coming week our wedding preparations are peaking plus we're throwing a pre-wedding party for our friends on Wednesday. On top of that, this week we're also having our second trimester ultrasound to see our little baby. I just can’t be more excited for this week to come! And the next one too, for we’re leaving for a petite honeymoon (of only a week) to the southern of Crete. Sun, sea and relaxation will be the only to-dos on my list these days. Oh, I can't wait..
As you can tell, the next couple of weeks I will be off the blog but I have prepared some posts for you with my favorites from this blog to keep you company (and inspired). I'll probably pop in my social media from now and then to say hi, so stay tuned. See you around friends ^^

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Photo by Jose Villa via Elizabeth Anne Designs.


  1. What an exciting week (and months!) ahead of you Eleni! Wish you the best of celebrations and lots of love and joy <3

  2. Να φτιάξετε τις πιο όμορφες αναμνήσεις στις ερχόμενεες 2 εβδομάδες! Να ζήσετε!!!

  3. Big big congrats! I hope you have a great day and also a lovely week of preparations!

  4. Να ζησετε!

  5. oh, whish you all the best Eleni. Hugs. :)

  6. Best wishes to you all and much, much joy in the days and years ahead. XO

  7. Congratulations Eleni - hugs from Sydney xx

  8. I love the rustic wood signs on the backs of the chairs! Did you make them yourselves or did you get them from some kind of party rentals and wedding rentals?

  9. να ζησετε και εμ το καλο το μωρακι!!!!

  10. Εύχομαι κάθε ευτυχία!

  11. I wish you all the happyness you have been providing us with your beautiful blog!
    You look asome.

  12. It's truly wonderful to read this post and feel your excitement, I hope this carried on into 2015!


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